Avoid delays by using online money transfers

Transferring money from one place to another has a lot of advantages. It can be used to send monthly salaries to your family in your home town. It can also be used to send funds if there is any financial emergency. Apart from this, there are several other advantages to transferring money, especially with the online money transfer. One of the main advantages include avoiding delays. Let us take a look at them.

Advantages of digital medium

There were many ways to transfer funds through traditional means. However, these means of money transfer often lead to considerable delays due to various avoidable reasons. But with the digital medium, these reasons are eradicated. For example, when typing the account number, you can get an immediate verification if the account number is active or out of service. Additionally, with the ever changing advancement of technology, transferring through the online medium is made extremely fast. That is because, it does not require several banking staffs to handle the transaction. Thus, it cuts down on the levels of approval and transferring it has to undergo before the funds is sent to its designated account. Through this advantage,you can now transfer funds from one branch to another or even another bank.

Clear instructions for transfer

When it comes to transferring funds, you will need to follow certain steps. Very often first time users do not understand these steps, which may result in wrong information being inputted. This in turn, leads to delay transfers. But with the online money transfer option, you can always check online for instructions. Additionally, you can always contact the customer service online and ask for assistance during any step of the transfer. Thus, in this way, you can make your transfers without any delay.

Real time update

Getting alerts about your transfer is one way to ensure that you transfer is successful or not. With the online money transfer, you can get instant updates when the funds have been debited or credit in real time. This will help you understand if there is a delay in the payment, thus allowing you to address the problem immediately.

Automatic account saved

Traditionally, if you need to make a transfer to an account, you would be required to enter the details of the both the account, each time you had to make a transfer. This can be a tedious job, especially if you are required to know all the information about both the accounts. However, if you are transferring funds online, you have the option to save the details of the account the first time you input it. Therefore, anytime you need to make another transfer to the same account, the details will be automatically updated with the transfer, thus avoiding the possibility of delays.

Knowing the tips to finance upfront publication expenses

Understanding the cost involved

Self-publishing can be a lucrative area, but it is a very competitive field, and itis iomportant you understand the costs involvved before you start. There is money to be made, but like anything else, you need to spend time and effort getting the basics right, and this is best done before you start out.

For getting the per copy cost to be termed as viable, there is a need on the part of the author to have thousands of books to be ordered at the same time. This could possibly mean that the author might simply end up with a good number of books with them, because of not being able to sell them, thereby inviting a discouraging situation as well as financial loss. Going through the Online self publishing course is sure to help the person to know more about the expenses involved with self publishing.

With the current print on demand technology, equation of rewards and expenses related to self publishing is known to have shifted dramatically, thereby making it possible to publish their very own work, to earn profits. Expenses have not fallen much, in case of paperback book projects. Hence, one should know some tips to gather sufficient money for paying up all the costs related to self publishing. Useful suggestions and tips are provided by the experienced and knowledgeable faculties through the self-publishing course.

What kinds of expenses are involved?

The expenses generally noticed when it comes to self-publishing comprises mainly related to ISBN numbers, design fees as well as fees to upload new books to print on demand company. The publication expenses may include fees for proofreader and editor.

Tips to cover publication expenses

For covering publication expenses, the person can develop an appealing and attractive pre-publication offer and have it circulated to his lists. The person’s fan following can have an opportunity to avail the upcoming autographed book along with some bonus by paying in advance for it. The bonus given to them may comprise audio book files, either MP3 or CD, as preferred by the customer. The bonus also can be a free poster, PDF manual or some kind of goodie, which is book related. Providing discounts can also work like magic to collect funds for self publishing. There are also several crowdfunding sites, from where it becomes possible to gather pre-publication orders.

There are also other strategies that are taught at the Online self publishing course to help candidates become renowned authors and be accepted by the niche readers within a short period of time.

The Art of Marketing

As the icon of the pop art movement, Andy Warhol, once said, “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.” The great success of his art career proves this quote to be true. You developed the fundamentals of the business of art in my previous article and continue building your art career by transforming from not only an artist, but also a marketer.

Marketing may seem like a dark, intimidating field. You have focused your time on mastering paint strokes, musical notes, or graceful dance steps rather than SEO, data collection, and market research. However, as an artist, your creative talent is easily transferred into creating a successful marketing plan.

To begin marketing your art career, you must understand what this business process entails. The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “the activity, set of institutes, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”  There are several steps to building and executing your marketing plan, including establishing your client base, drafting your story, creating your value, and executing your plan.

“Making a living off your art is more than creating art; you have to build an audience.” –Umberto Crenca, Visual Artist, Performance Artist, & Musician

In order to start marketing your work, you must establish a target audience. Your efforts should be directly created for one individual person, just as you would create a custom painting. Draw out your ideal customer profile and pretend as if you are speaking only to that person when creating marketing materials. You want to be exclusive to this audience as opposed to trying to please everyone.

“Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.” –Phil Kotlers, Marketing Author, Consultant, & Professor

Each purchase of your work is not about something physical. Your client is not purchasing a canvas or CD, but rather he is purchasing an escape from his daily life or a sense of emotion. The value of your art is the feeling, experience, memory, and feelings it brings to your client. What emotions inspire you and are communicated through your work?  Once you have figured that out, communicate those emotions into your marketing materials and oral presentation to clients so they can be inspired too.

“Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.” –Brian Eisenberg, Online Marketing Pioneer, Public Speaker, & Author

Stories are the most powerful way to capture your audience and build personal connection. They also strengthen the emotions and experiences your work is delivering. Communicate your passion, inspiration, struggles, and successes through your story. Give your audience a glimpse inside your daily life and the steps that go into creating each masterpiece. You want to provide the audience an even deeper connection to your work by weaving these stories in all your marketing – from social media messages to website themes.

“If you are willing to do something that might not work, you are closer to being an artist.” –Seth Godins, Marketing Author, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker

While marketing takes strategic research and planning, it is ultimately a process of trial and error. The beauty of being an artist is having your niche and being unique. Do not be afraid of pushing the limits; try something different and risky. Leverage your creative talent to constantly brainstorm how you can reach, communicate, and nurture the relationships with your clients in an innovative way.

Marketing is the key to completing your artistic process. It takes you from the idea and execution to building your following and sharing your talent. Art is meant to be shared, so start building your marketing plan and spread your talent.

How to seek a study loan for education overseas?

Education is the key towards your professional success. It is like a safe investment done by parents who are willing to run that extra mile to give their child the best possible education facilities whether in India or abroad. In recent years, education has been globalised which has increased awareness of the best institutes and university worldwide. Today, more and more youth from India is trying hard to secure an admission in the top-notch foreign university or institutes that will not only help them shape up their career but also let them lay first foundation stone towards successful life ahead.

We all know in this highly inflating economical world studying abroad is quite an expensive affair. When students plan for their higher studies abroad it’s not just the education finance which has to be taken care off but there are many other financial charges associated with it such as ticketing and visa expenses, accommodation charges, education material charges, foreign country living expenses and much more.  Therefore, besides planning on a regular basis it becomes imperative that you shift your focus towards taking Study loan Abroad that will give desired financial stability and security to pursue your studies abroad.

In India government has started taking concrete steps to provide better education facilities to the youth of our nation. In order to make sure that no student is denied of pursuing higher education, various banks and private finance firms in India have come up with innovative and cost effective solutions for educational loan scheme.

When you apply for Study loan Abroad there are lot of pros and cons involved regarding the company terms & conditions, interest rates, repayment options, actual loan disbursement amount, processing fees etc. which often leave you completely baffled at times. However, there is one more important element which you need to keep in mind when you apply for foreign studies abroad. For studying abroad you just cannot get an admission or visa without showing a proof of sufficient funds to cover your education expenses in foreign country.

Believe us this has been a major reason for most of the student’s admission being cancelled or rejected due to lack of adequate funds for funding their higher studies.

But finance firms or banks understand your concern very well and has come up with state-of-the-art solutions to counter your proof of sufficient funds problems.

Now you must be wondering how? The article guides you through some of the loan structures what finance firms or banks offer to their clients to seek a Study loan Abroad to pursue their higher studies in a smooth and efficient way.

Pre-Visa Disbursement Loan is type of Study loan Abroad that help you secure your VISA to travel abroad for your higher studies. At times, you have a confirmed admission but struggling to get your visa for travelling abroad. Pre-Visa Disbursement loans prove to be a valuable asset during this time.  An actual loan amount is disbursed in your bank account, so you can demonstrate ‘proof of funds’ to study abroad during your Visa Interview and secure your visa for foreign studies abroad.

The next is Pre-Admission Loan. Suppose you have your visa approval with no admission confirmed in foreign university. A pre-admission Study loan Abroad sanctioned by some of the leading private finance firms will help you show the necessary finances which might secure your admission in foreign university abroad.

Sometimes you secure your admission and visa but struggle to manage your finances. At this time “Certificate of Availability funds” lets you demonstrate that you have adequate funds to pursue a course abroad and pay for the course fees and living expenses.

Leading private finance firms of India believe in offering tailored solutions for students. GRE-based Loan, Bridge Up loan, fast track loan are few other types which cater exclusively for individual needs of students in India.

Seeking a Study loan Abroad is not an easy task but with various innovative solutions offered by these leading private finance firms it doesn’t seem to be a difficult job either. All you need to do is just discuss your concern with them and they are ready to offer study loans at healthy interest rates and flexible repayment solutions to let your children meet their goals of pursuing higher studies in foreign university.

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

Have you lost your job and the bills are piling up? If you have mounting debt and no way to pay off the bills in the near or far future, then you may want to give filing for bankruptcy a closer look. No one wants to file for bankruptcy, but oftentimes it is the only viable option for those looking to better their financial future. Want to know more about bankruptcy? Check out this article to learn what you need to know before filing, and then make sure you contact a bankruptcy attorney in Seattle, WA, to get started.

Filing for Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

Filing for bankruptcy may seem fairly straightforward, but the more you know about the process, the less stress and uncertainty you will feel. If you are unsure whether or not you should file for bankruptcy, check out this list to learn the essentials on what you need to know:

  • There are different options available to you: Your financial situation will determine the type of bankruptcy you should file. The majority of Americans file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will absolve you of nearly all your debt (see exceptions below), and in exchange you will surrender your assets (your home, your car, any cash on hand) to pay back your creditors as much as possible. You can also file Chapter 13, which allows you to restructure your debt into more manageable payments. This type of bankruptcy is more involved, but you are able to keep most of your assets. A large portion of individuals who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy end up filing for Chapter 7 eventually, as their debt is still unmanageable.
  • Not all debt can be erased: With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are absolved of all of your debts. There are exceptions, however. Child support, back taxes, and student loans are typically ineligible for removal from your debts, even if your request for bankruptcy is granted.
  • You will be granted an automatic stay: If you are experiencing significant pressure from your creditors, then you may wish to file for bankruptcy as soon as possible. As soon as you file you will be granted an automatic stay from your creditors pursuing repayment. This means that even though your case is still pending, your creditors are not allowed to contact you or seek repayment. All of your debts will be put on hold until your petition is completed. For those who are experiencing severe and constant pressure from creditors, this automatic stay is a huge relief.
  • There are consequences when filing for bankruptcy: While you may be granted debt forgiveness if your petition for bankruptcy is accepted, this does not mean that you will walk away from this situation unscathed. Debt forgiveness comes with a price, and that price is typically a serious hit to your credit. In most instances, you will not be able to receive a reputable loan for 5-7 years, and your interest rates may be very high for some years following that period. If you own a home, a car, or other assets before you file, once your petition is granted you will, in all likelihood, lose those assets.
  • Not all petitions are straightforward: While it is possible for an individual to petition for bankruptcy on their own with success, your chances for a positive outcome are greatly increased when you hire a bankruptcy attorney in Seattle, WA. If your situation is complicated, you are unsure which type of bankruptcy to file, or you just want to ensure that your petition is taken care of properly, then hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is a great way to go.

The Most Common Causes of Financial Problems

Most of us know when we hit a financial disaster, usually we can even trace the beginning of the process that led to the financial failure, but the problem seems to be the fact that some people keep repeating the mistakes, or adapting new problematic methods of trying and solving problems.

The wise financial planner would first consider his own strong and weak points before making financial decisions and would draw conclusions for the experiences he had in the past, the few points that ultimately lead to financial disasters that I will discuss here are very basic and natural, yet many people do not practice the least amount of caution when making plans.

The first and most prominent problem with bad financial planning is that the planner has no financial education, in this case I would strongly advise seeking professional help. Most of do not have formal financial education, and many of us do not understand the financial basics that rule the markets, other do not want to go into these calculations, but all these groups should start by admitting that they do not have the knowledge of dealing with financial planning and look for someone who does. The great benefit of listening to advise of experts is that it teaches you things, the approach to financial planning, the basics of a new financial plan and much more, it is very possible that in a few months you will be much more educated and better informed in a way that will allow you to start making your own calls.

The second problem is making decisions and planes letting other people manage you finance for you, and I don’t mean letting you professional financial planner but friends, neighbors and family. Even though these people have the best intentions, it is very clearly your own responsibility to take care of your personal finance, and as much as it is unpleasant to make financial plans and take care of your personal finance it is a fact of life you must practice.

The third, and last mistake we are going to discuss is choosing the wrong kind of financial advisor, some people are tempted to let the wrong kind of people manage their finance situation, this includes insurance experts, tax experts and other financial experts of all sorts. It is important that you find a person that you have good communication with , that understands you and what financial help you are seeking, and that this expert be an expert on the issues you need help the most, do not let personal relationships, family connections and business relation dictate the financial expert you use, it is of extreme importance that this person is as close to being perfect for you as possible. The best thing to do is to look for a person that works in a financial office and makes his money by advising and managing personal financial accounts, someone that has been around for long and that will have the experience to guide you through the processes.

Keys To A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Keys To A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

If SMS marketing still isn’t in your marketing mix, now is the right time to implement it. Despite Smartphone revolution and exceptional popularity of mobile apps, 8.6 trillion text messages are sent every year on an average. Surprising but true, that is over 12 times the number Facebook messages sent daily or 20 times the number of tot tweets across the world. With such staggering figures, it is not surprising that businesses are in pursuit of making their mobile message marketing extremely successful. In fact, in many industries, text messaging serves as one of the most effective direct marketing channels.

If you are already running an SMS campaign or planning to start with it, here are some tips that mat work well for you.

1. Segment Your Target Audience

Most people have major complaints about SMS campaigns, saying that almost all marketing messages are useless. Therefore, it is important to send the right text message to the right set of customers, who when receive it would say, “That message was useful to me; it was not marketing.” Segmenting your target audience means that your customers (both existing and potential) gets the SMS that is most relevant to them. And that would help you to differentiate your marketing messages from spam. The best way to target is to integrate your CRM with your SMS campaign. Leverage the demographics, history and other relevant data to create the right message for the right people.

2. Have a Clear Call-To-Action

One of the key reasons why most SMS marketing campaigns fail is the absence of any direct call-to-action. The result – the consumer is unable to understand or recognize what exactly to do after receiving the message. If you wish to drive engagement, give your marketing message a strong call-to-action and priority it deserves. It should be the focal point of the creative, besides being a combination of keywords and a short code.

3. Timing is Everything

For any bulk SMS service to be successful, timing is important. There are two vital aspects of timing that you should consider while planning your marketing messaging initiative. Firstly, open ended text messages are less successful than SMS-es that highlight deals that would expire. If your SMS says “expire soon” or something like that, it has the probability to attract more attention than blunt SMS-es. Another aspect is to send messages at the right time. For instance, when someone is buying a particular item, you can send him an SMS about a related item in order to get him interested.

4. Triggered Messages

Did you know, the average SMS open rate happens in the first 60 minutes? The immediacy paves way for successful triggered messages. For instance, if you have a customer who regularly visited your shop over a period of time but has stopped coming now, you can send an SMS with attractive deals to get him or her to come back. Such messages are triggered by an action or inaction of the customers and can also be used to get feedback from your customers.

5. Keep it Short, Simple and Sweet

People have least time to go through elaborative direct marketing messages. They hate beating around the bush. Therefore, get it straight and simple. For instance, “40% off on your next order. Click here. Expires Friday.” Moreover, strive to shorten your URL as well and prettify it.

Five Signs that You Need the Help of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are one of the people who are having difficulty in making ends meet such as settling bills and everyday expenses, consider declaring bankruptcy. Nonetheless, filing for one is a complicated process, so you will need the assistance of a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer to help you go through the steps.

There are different categories of bankruptcy, hence, identifying which category suits your case is essential.  If you are experiencing the following, call a bankruptcy attorney in Baltimore immediately:

– No cash flow (from your main source of income)

– Can’t pay the ongoing bills, and you are carrying a high credit card balance

– Creditors and debt collectors are calling you more often

– Your checks are starting to bounce, and you are starting to borrow from your retirement plan

– You are close to panicking on how to handle increasing debt

When to Choose a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are personally filing for bankruptcy and cannot repay your debts over time, hire the services of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. In exchange for some of your personal assets, this will give you a fresh financial start. If you are running a business and if turning it over to creditor is the only option to clear your debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can be of immense assistance in this matter.

When to Hire a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

In comparison to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, hiring the services of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer is ideal if there are other options left aside from turning over your personal properties or businesses. This type of bankruptcy lawyer can help you create a negotiation plan with creditors on how you can pay your debt. The same goes if you own a business, because the lawyer can help you have the time to restructure your business while reorganizing your debt to be paid later in time.

Do I Really Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you are filing for bankruptcy as an individual, having a lawyer to represent you in court is not required. However, businesses with partnerships or corporations need a bankruptcy lawyer throughout the process. As a rule of thumb, employ the services of a bankruptcy attorney if you find the procedures in bankruptcy filing complicated. Moreover, a professional and seasoned bankruptcy attorney can help you protect your rights as a debtor.

Things to Expect When Working With a Bankruptcy Lawyer

It all depends on the type of bankruptcy you file. A bankruptcy lawyer can lower, settle, or reorganize your debt so that you can pay when you are able to. Usually, creditors will rather obtain a lower amount than none, so they are more than willing to provide discount from the original amount you owe them. If you are a business owner filing for a commercial bankruptcy, however, there is a chance that you will lose your business.

If you want to have a smoother process, a Baltimore bankruptcy attorney can be of immense help. He can carefully evaluate all aspects of your situation, recommend the bankruptcy type you must file and help you every step of the way.

You, Your New Born Baby And Six Financial Tips

As soon your wife tells that she is expecting, you and your family burst up with emotional happiness. All your worries about life just fade away and you start planning for the little one. You wish to give all the happiness of life to your infant. Even for your spouse, proper care is very necessary.

But one question comes to mind “Can we provide all the basic and advance amenities to the new born baby?”This calls for a massive financial expenditure to be shed on your part.With the limited income, recession, job retrenchment etc., all this becomes too scary.At the same time giving your kid the best in life is your top most priority.

For dealing with the above issue,you must be cautious in financial planning of your kids even before they are born. You can adhere to money management and follow the following six financial tips so that you do not have to face any problem when the baby is born:

    1. Do some Research:Even before the baby is born the family members should involve in regular financial meetings. They should try to find all the financial possibility that can become hindrance when the baby is born. They should acclimatize to money management and make it a regular habit.
    1. Get rid of your debt:Paying all your debt in advance and looking for extra source of income can really help you to bear the expenses for raising your baby.
    1. Start saving:It cost nearly $5,000-$12,000 for a delivery. At least save some percentage of your income on regular basis so that the high cost on delivery and other things can be easily bearable.
    1. Health/disability insurance:Giving your baby the best health insurance around not only helps you to use that money in emergency but also helps you to avail some tax benefits. Having a life and disability insurance can prove to be a real life saver
    1. Social security number: After the delivery do not forget to take the social security number as it will help a great deal in getting the tax benefits.
  1. Scheme benefits:Try to avail benefits of various kid schemes such as New Born Baby fund, MHA keystone (Michigan Health & Hospital Association), Save while you shop at kidstart-online shopping site etc. This will help you to save extra money.

Other stuff such as Baby gear, clothing, shoes and baby food should also be kept in mind while assessing the financial needs of the new born baby. The parents should accentuate on balancing long-term and the short term financial needs of their child. Then they should try to figure out various financial remedies for the upbringing of their newborn baby.

Globalization’s Impact on Accounting Education

According to the Business Dictionary, globalization is the worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration.  Globalization has a huge impact on every day activities and events.  One major impact globalization is having on us today deals with college accounting education and the way countries analyze and report their financial statements.  Concepts, standards, and rules of accounting are being affected by globalization and may cause concerns to many college students, professors, current accountants, and textbook companies.

The United States has been following one standard set of rules for accounting for over seventy-five years called the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP.  This is a general set of accounting information, rules, standards, and procedures that American companies use to assemble their financial statements.  Companies are required to follow GAAP standards when reporting and analyzing financial information and cannot report any data that does not agree with GAAP.  GAAP rules and procedures are established and governed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, as well as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

The problem with the United States following GAAP standards is that over one hundred countries around the world follow a different set of accounting rules called the International Financial Reporting Standards of IFRS.  IFRS are issued and administered by the International Accounting Standards Board and used by companies from over one hundred countries to report their financial statements.  The goal of the IFRS is to make international comparisons as easy as possible because all countries are preparing their financial statements using the same set of rules and regulations.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that the United States will attempt to abandon the use of GAAP and move towards using IFRS.  This will resolve comparison problems and create one standard set of rules for accounting used throughout the world.  A complete withdrawal of GAAP would force drastic changes in accounting education and college business programs in the United States.  Professors will need to be educated and updated on new IFRS rules, new textbooks will have to be produced, and more classes will have to be available to educate students on the new standards.  IFRS will affect current accounting students, accountants, and professors who may not be well informed regarding these principles.  IFRS will need to be taught as soon as possible in current accounting classes, as well as added courses that may be solely focused on the changes.  Current students and accountants are going to be strongly affected by this change because even though they have been taught GAAP throughout their schooling, they will need to familiarize themselves with brand new laws and regulations for preparing financial statements and data.

Professors are going to be required to take classes to learn IFRS in order to implement their knowledge to the students they are teaching.  Professors are currently trying to incorporate ways of applying IFRS into their current classrooms.  Until the United States officially adopts IFRS, current college courses will be taught the fundamentals of GAAP, as well as trying to learn IFRS rules.  Textbooks are going to be in high demand, so textbook companies are going to be forced to quickly create books that incorporate new IFRS chapters and problems.  Current accountants may be required to enroll in classes at a university so that they can be taught the changes that will be needed to effectively continue being successful in their profession.

Globalization has helped to recognize that this change for the United States is much needed.  It is important for the United States to adopt IFRS because this will result in all countries’ financial statements being consistent with one another.  As of today, you cannot compare a United States company’s financial statements with a foreign company’s because the ways in which the statements are prepared are different.  With every element that will need to be changed with accounting education, it may take time for the United States to fully adopt IFRS.  In the long run, everyone will benefit from these changes.  Professors, students, and accountants will gain more knowledge on the new standards and will be able to evaluate financial statements according to IFRS.

Golden Rules & Commodity Tips for the Successful Trading

Be aware of the market trend. (“The Trend is always your friend”)

It is very important, that a trader or investor be aware of a very strong force in the marketplace, either the bullish or bearish. When this position is at its height, it would be madness to attempt to the buck it. However, one should learn to recognize, when the market trend is about to run its route or is near a time period of exhaustion. By a capability to recognize the premature signs of the exhaustion, the investor will protect himself from the staying in the marketplace too long and will be clever to change way, when the market trend changes. And also use the more reliable Online Commodity Tips for better profit.

Don’t attempt to sell the top or buy the bottom.

It basically can’t be complete unless you have the help of a crystal ball or some other tool and tips such as commodity tips, Free MCX Tips etc. which could be strange to the mystic. Be pleased to wait for the market trend to develop and then get advantage on it formerly it has been developed.

Never answer a margin call.

This main rule acts as a (SL) stop loss, when your trading position has weakened significantly. By dogmatically & arbitrarily adhering to this regulation, you will be enforced to get out of the marketplace before disaster sets it. It is regularly difficult to admit you are incorrect and get out of the marketplace (which you almost certainly should have done well previously to you received a margin call). Conversely, the presence of a margin call must act as a last warning that you have allowed your position go as far as you possibly can (unless the early margin is out of stroke with the volatility of the agreement).

Cut your losses and let your profits ride.

The essential failing of the most speculators is that, they set a limit on their incomes and no limit on their all losses. A trader hates to admit he is wrong. Therefore, a single will often let his loss outing becoming larger & larger in hopes, that eventually the marketplace will turn around and show him accurate. Then, following a although, he begins hoping for a little loss and gives up hoping for a return. More profitable Live NCDEX Tips, commodity tips are available for trading.

Never straddle a loss.

A loss by itself is very difficult enough to believe. However, to catch in this loss, thus building it necessary for you to be correct twice rather than the one time (which you before found impossible) is sheer silliness.

Tips To Meet Your Money Sending Needs to Overseas

The globe is connected through the internet at present times. Therefore, it is easy to assume that we may need transferring cash to other countries as well for different reasons. Business persons need transferring cash to other countries for their business reasons. Families do the same to provide cash to their family members, residing or studying abroad. Therefore, it is easy to expect that for different reasons, people may need such services. On the other hand, when you will search for the best opportunities for meeting your desire, you will have to find out the best solutions. A great number of people are making use of such services and this is the reason too, which can help you immensely in attaining the quality advantages online. There are different scopes for people attaining such facilities. However, it is true that the system should be reliable and provide faster services as well. Day after day, when people are becoming more dependent on these services, they are becoming curious to reveal the authentic sources that can offer them easier scopes for meeting their desires. The agencies that offer reliable but faster services online get the best priority among the people, in need of such facility.

Therefore, it is important to note that whenever you require such facility, revealing the best online sources will be your better scope. On the other hand, people can find out varied types of scopes online to meet their finest desires. A great number of agencies are providing such precious service, yet, people rely on the dependable agencies as per their choices. Therefore, it is needless to say that transferring cash is though a demanding job for many, yet, it is easy to expect that people can find out varied types of scopes by going online. If you visit the websites online, it will help you immensely in meeting your desires in the best way. Day after day, people are grabbing the finest scopes for transferring cash online and this is the reason too, which is playing a crucial role behind the increasing popularity of the online cash transferring option. If you also have such desire, then you should try your best in finding out such scopes online.

The significance of the services, offered by the reliable agencies to help people Transfer Money to Overseas Account has increased greatly at present times as people are in high need of this service. This is the reason too, why most of the people are searching online the Overseas Currency Converter Adelaide. When you are interested in meeting your desires in the best way to find out the best solutions, it will make you possible in attaining such scopes online. On the other hand, it is also true that these agencies help their clients in the best way by delivering the faster and reliable services, which helps them not only making more business but also the clients to be satisfied with the professional assistance. In this way, both the parties get satisfaction by meeting their needs.

Understanding Core Marketing Strategies and the Need to Have One

Marketing is an essential process of effectively communicating the value of your service or product to your targeted customer base. The ultimate goal is to sufficiently stimulate their interest, prodding them to take action by purchasing your service or product. You would know the effectiveness of your marketing strategy when your customers refer other customers or give your business positive reviews and feedback. Regardless of the type of business, you need to avail effective marketing strategies to target a specific customer base to sell your service or product and have a good chance of earning immense profits.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy will assist your organization in developing optimal processes and transforming your scarce resources into convertible opportunities. Your ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is increasing the overall sales of your company and establishing a sustainable and competitive advantage. While coming up with an efficient marketing strategy, you need to consider the overall marketing goals of your company, both long term and short-term goals. Hence, a marketing strategy is fundamental to the business operations of your company. You can learn more about marketing strategies with the help of marketing books.

Communication as an Integral Part of Marketing Strategy

To develop a robust marketing strategy, you need to conduct thorough research within the target market to know precisely the manner in which your customers prefer communication. Keep in mind that marketing is all about effective communication of the value of your product or service to your targeted customers. If you lack a clear understanding with regard to communicating with your target customer, your marketing strategy will prove to be ineffective.

Why Marketing Strategies are Indispensable?

Regardless of the organization size, you need a dependable marketing strategy. The benefits of such a strategy far outweigh the investments of finance and time that need to be made. Besides meeting the needs and requirements of your customer base through effective marketing strategies, you will also learn your weaknesses and strengths with the evolution of the market. Video marketing services are surging in popularity, especially in today’s digital world.

The primary objective of a marketing strategy is developing a sustainable competitive advantage; therefore, you must know in what field you excel. Your business’s marketing strategy should assist you in evolving with the current industry trends and the essential strategic adjustments that need to be carried out to remain connected with your valued customers.

Four Tips to Stay Away from Car Finance Pitfalls

When the time comes to buy a new car, just like everyone else, you will also be looking for the car that you can afford and the car finance that goes easy on your pockets. Before you start thinking on the same roads, its better you should be aware of some snags that might come across in your car purchase and finance plan. This will eventually help you to be on a safer side and avoid any delays while financing your dream wheels.

Here are some expert tips for you –

Know Your Credit Score Beforehand
One of the most important things to take in to account while you plan to apply for a car loan. Your credit worthiness is quite important and plays a big role in deciding if you can get the finance and what interest rate you’ll be charged. On the other hand, if your credit ratings have been compromised lately, your chances of getting the best car loan deal will be close to none.

You can always know your credit score by requesting a Free Copy of your Credit Report at Loans Direct. Once you know your credit score, you will find better options that are available to you. If your credit score is low, there are experts who can help you get credit ready and find competitive car finance.

Cut the Long List Short
When it comes to select a car, the choices can make you cry for selecting the right one. Start with setting your budget first and exactly what it is you’re looking for in your new car. Prioritise your needs in a new car, things that are must-have and the nice-to-have. This will help you avoid over-spending and making the wrong decision. More the amount you borrow higher will be your repayments. Thus, stick to your list and you will ensure a great deal in your next car purchase.

Explore and Research
It is always a great thing to do beforehand. Exploring different financing options and doing some research on current interest rates will make you better informed when negotiating your finance terms. Moreover, look for the features you’ve decided in your price range. You can also explore if there are any rebates or special offers available on specific car make or model. Festive and holiday season can help you to save some more dollars while shopping for a car.

See and then Sign
Reading finance documents carefully is something most of us forget to do or let it go. To be on a safer side, do not sign the purchase contract and car finance terms without reading them thoroughly. Ask questions as many as you can to understand the terms mentioned in it. Give more eyes to the section that says anything about extra charges and fees that haven’t been mentioned upfront. You can also seek time to review the contract before signing.

If you feel car finance is a hassle or finding the most suitable deal is a bit difficult for you, let the Car Loan Experts at Loans Direct take care of the car buying process from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

MBA in Marketing Vs MBA in Finance

Now-a-days MBA is one among the top choices of students from the Engineering as well as Finance streams. Management careers are gaining more and more fame as students have good career opportunities post successful completion of management studies. When pursuing MBA Students can choose the courses of their interest. When it comes to MBA programs in finance and marketing both have lot of similarities. Finance MBA programs offer courses in marketing, and marketing MBA programs offer courses in finance.

India is home to around 3000 institutes offering management education. Out of which there are numerous top management institutes in Maharashtra. Apart from Mumbai, even small cities like Pune and Nashik get ranked for owning the best MBA institutes. The top MBA colleges in India have the best infrastructure, best faculty, alumni and of course tie-up with top companies for campus placements.

Listed below are the similarities between Marketing and Finance MBA Programs:

Master of Business Administration in Marketing (MBA in Marketing)

Students who pursue MBA in marketing learn to manage and make decisions in regards to advertising, public relations and other communications fields. In their course of education they are taught about international sales and marketing, risk management, strategic planning, economics, ethics, market research, financial analysis, consumer behavior and current business trends.In an MBA marketing program, students can choose their subspecialty depending on their interest and career goals from areas like advertising, Internet and international marketing.

Master of Business Administration in Finance (MBA in Finance)

MBA graduates who pursue major in finance are taught how to make financial decisions for a variety of businesses and organizations. Students are taught how to acquire, manage and distribute funds in business. MBA in finance includes learning marketing, international business and finance, budgeting, financial accounting, data analysis and economics in the syllabi. Private equity, corporate finance and portfolio management are few of the subspecialty which students can choose depending on their interest.

From the above information, it’s clear that Marketing MBA graduates have an opportunity to step into creative and communications field and also in other finance corporates organizations where as Finance MBA graduates are best suited for working in fields related to banks, administration and accounting and corporate financial organizations.

Following is a list of Career Options for Graduates with a Marketing MBA degree:

  • Advertising Executive
  • Brand Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Buyer
  • Market Researcher
  • Product Manager
  • Senior Marketing Analyst

Following is a list of Career Options for Graduates with a Finance MBA degree

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Insurance Adjuster
  • Investment Banker

Stock Broker

Why You Need to Embrace the Use of Online Payroll Services

Today, online payroll is among the trending topics in the world of Human Resource Management and Accounting. Reliable, on-time payroll system is the foundation of a successful business, more so when you are operating a small business. Your staff and independent contractors expect timely payments.

However, managing your business’ payroll, including cutting checks and overseeing tax filings, can be tiresome and time-consuming as well. High-level of accuracy and efficiency are also paramount. Furthermore, you also need to cut down on the time spent on administrative work so that you can concentrate on running your business. For this, you should consider having your payroll processed online. For this article, the purpose is to explore the key benefits you can draw from using online payroll services. Read on.


Streamlined and Secure Interface

This is one of the important features of an online payroll system. Payroll processing involves handling of sensitive financial information on behalf of your business and employees, including employer identification information as well as social security numbers. Thus, security is a vital concern, and modern digital payroll systems need to be both highly secure and user-friendly.

With an online payroll system, you can set up personal profiles for your employees and then store their payroll data. With a few clicks, you can recall the information each time you want to process payroll.

Regardless of how you are paying your employees – salaries, hourly pay, or independent contracts – you can easily manage the payments on a single platform, with the ability to automate the steps, like direct deposits. Your accountant can log in, view, as well as approve the regular payroll in just a few steps, minimizing the administrative works while making sure that everyone receives their pay on time.

Easy Tax Management

To avoid IRS audits and costly tax penalties, you need to manage your business’ payroll taxes in an efficient and timely manner. However, this can prove challenging in today’s dynamic legal environment. With an online payroll system, you can comfortably meet the latest tax requirements.

A web-based payroll application will automatically calculate and hold back the obligatory taxes from each staff as well as the employer-level liabilities. The system will also help you pay respective government taxes as well as file tax returns on time.

Furthermore, the web-based systems make it easy to generate and provide employee-related tax documentation to your members of staff. All these serve to streamline administrative tasks.

Simplified Financial Reporting

Organizations depend on regular financial reporting geared towards predicting cash flow and making reliable decisions in regard to budgetary plans. With an online payroll system, it is easy to incorporate payroll records with other information related to financial reporting.

Most systems allow for automatic importing of payroll data to major financial accounting software applications. You can also view the general payroll information or information for individual employees.

Furthermore, you can easily share real-time reports with your accounting officer or executive management, which they can access anywhere there is an internet connection. With such level of valuable, self-service reporting, you can make your financial planning and management an efficient process.


Online payroll services present an automated, efficient and paperless solution for businesses across all industries. Working with a reputable and reliable provider, like dhpayroll means that they will work with you to incorporate your business in their paperless system. Using online payroll solutions does not only mean you are bidding farewell to manually filling your books – which can leave a significant margin of error – but it also provides a range of corporate-benefits.

Finance homework help: – Best solution at Tutorsonnet

Do you need Finance Assignment Help? We have well qualified finance tutors who can provide help with finance problems. Our method of providing Finance Assignment Help is through email 7 days a week. Email us your Finance Assignment Help topic along with the specific problems in which you need help. Please do also send us the exact deadline for your finance assignment help problems in terms of Date & Time.

Below are some of the areas in which we provide Finance Assignment Help:

Time Value of Money

Present Value (PV)

Future Value (FV)

Net Present Value (NPV)

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Present Value Perpetuity

Present Value Annuity (PVA)

Future Value Annuity (FVA)

Profitability Index (PI)

Our well qualified tutors can provide you help with Intermediate Finance. We will provide you Finance Homework Help by providing Step by Step solutions. Delivering the highest quality Finance Homework Help is our mantra.

Following is a partial list in which we provide Intermediate Finance Homework Help:

Basics of Capital Budgeting

  • Evaluating Cash Flows
  • Initial Cash Outlay
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Risk & Return

  • Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  • Return on Assets (ROA)
  • Holding Period Return
  • Effective Annual Rate (EAR)
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
  • Average Annual Return (Geometric)

Financial Statement Analysis

  • Capital structure
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • NPV Sensitivity Matrix
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Income Statement Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Analysis

Cost of Capital

  • Beta Calculations
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Cost of Debt
  • Discount Rate
  • Cost of equity
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Basics of Capital Budgeting

  • Depreciation Tax Shield
  • Working Capital
  • Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization (EBITDA)
  • MACRS Tax Depreciation Method
  • Mutually Exclusive Projects
  • Independent Projects

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Cost-saving online banking features you need to know

Time is money. We hear this phrase more than often these days. And it is true, we should save on both as much possible. Busy daily schedules with monetary and social commitments have become the norm. How is it even possible to keep up with the traditional banking ways, especially when one is required to ensure timely payments to quite a number of heads each day? One must have an online bank account. It offers convenience and secured banking features.

Online banking is a simple way to manage your money. Once you request to activate your online bank account, you would be able to manage your day-to-day banking activities from your personal computer with internet access. All banking activities would soon be a piece of cake for you.


Basics like checking account balance, reviewing activities or checking your account history from home or office, become very convenient as you do not have to wait for the scheduled statements or stop by a bank for the same. Mini statements option at ATMs is an easy option, but it comes with its own set of insecurities. It is sure to save you a lot of time.

Fund Transfer

You could make the required transfer to any account using your online bank account.You are not restricted to make these transfers to only your bank account holders. The transactions are made as per the banking norms with the due notifications providing you full information at all times.

Scheduled Payment Set Ups

You may set up an auto fund transfer for your recurring payment schedules and make changes to the same at any given time. You shall receive notifications regarding the same as well which shall keep you posted.

E-Bills Over Paper Bills

Save paper along with saving time. View your bills online and make payments online. Avoid using and wasting paper, especially when the records can be well maintained online as well.

Bill Alerts

Receive your payment alerts, and deposit notifications using your online bank account features. The timely notifications are a big money saver as you are then saved from making late fee charges, interest charges, penalty fees and more.

In the 21st century with online bank accounts and its 3D security options, one should not be insecure about using the same. Millions of people around the world are using the same and are benefiting from it. It is always wise to use such secure technology. Save time. Save Money. Save yourself from the hassle and burden of travelling to and fro to the bank every next day. Organized working is what the online bank account wishes to offer you, keeping it secure and simple.

Key Benefits Of Hiring A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angeles

Economic slowdown has created trouble for many people. When you find that you won’t be able to manage your financial situation i.e. not be able to pay loan, you need to look at bankruptcy. Without any doubt, bankruptcy is a right thing provided that you choose right option for you. Chapter 13 can be a right choice for many individuals facing lots of financial problems. Do you still have some doubts? If yes, then you must go through stated below benefits of hiring a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles to get rid of financial crisis.

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Mean Total Loss
Before you go through the deep process of bankruptcy, you need to understand one fact that choosing bankruptcy of certain kind doesn’t mean total loss of money or assets. If you are confused on choosing right kind of bankruptcy, you need to take help from a professional. A highly experienced bankruptcy attorney chapter 13 can help you understanding the pros and cons of bankruptcy under the laws of different states in United States. Always remember that a professional can help you understanding your legal and financial rights. They can guide you on how to deal with various complicated legal situations.

They Know What You Exactly Need
Many individuals, during their financial trouble situation, don’t know how to get rid of such a situation. The key reason behind this condition is that they don’t know how to deal with different types of legal notices for debts and loan. This is the point where a reputed firm can help you great in eliminating the financial burden. For instance, availing services of Immigration Law Firms Los Angeles can help you getting rid of immigration issues. Since bankruptcy attorneys are highly professional, they know how to remove your certain problem keeping your requirements in view.

Why Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney?
It is the most usual question that may come across your mind. The simplest answer to this most debated question is that a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles can offer you effective legal solutions according to your needs and situation. They have great expertise especially on this subject. There is no doubt that the more your chosen lawyer has experience, the better outcome your can expect. So, you should not confuse with the question why you need to avail services of a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer.

They Offer Cost-Effective Services
It is another benefit of availing services of a bankruptcy attorney chapter 13. With the help of an affordable lawyer, you can be able to save big bucks even without compromising with the quality of services. However, many people assume that availing highly expensive legal services means they could be able to grab more effective outcome, but it is not true every time. Always remember, choosing an affordable option doesn’t mean that you are going to compromise with the quality.

In concise, it can be concluded that hiring a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles means you will be able to get rid of financial trouble.

Minimum Requirements To Start An Online Stock Trading

The ease of online trading

Online stock trading allows you to buy and sell stocks from the comfort of your home or office without having the hassle of having to call your broker every time you want to trade. For doing online stock trading you need to have a computer with a sufficiently good internet connection and an online broker, through whom you would make all such trades. It allows you to trade stocks at your discretion and also saves you a lot of commissions.

What an online broker do for you?

Look for the most reputed online brokers, and get in touch with them so that you can rout your online stock trading through them. Most of them would only be happy to provide you with any information that you require as they see you as a potential customer.

You need to know the minimum investment necessary to make for starting in online trading. Make sure that there are no fees if there is no activity on their site for whatever reasons. Get their full list of commissions/fees which you would need to factor in every time you make a trade. Some online brokers also help you out with your online stock trading by offering you tips and suggestions, and their own outlook on the market and its prospects.

It is easy to open an account

Opening of the account can quite often be managed online from the comfort of your home. The online stock trading broker may however require you to provide some sort of paperwork and also open an account with the stock exchanges so trades on your behalf can be done electronically. He may in turn have his own fees for enrolment and other services which you would have to pay, so that you can access his trading network for shares. Your bank account should be linked up to the online stock trading broker so that you can easily transfer funds to the broker or away from him when you want to cash in on your profits.

Most online brokers require that you deposit funds with them to start the trading activity. Initially, it’s possible that you may only be allowed to trade in the underlying stocks. Trading options on futures, forex, may require additional registration documents and procedures as this is considered to be very high-risk trading. Also, if you intend to trade on margin, there may be separate documentation and funding requirements for this. Check all this with your broker.

Caution at all times is a must

Online trading can be as risky as any other and you would have to approach it with care and caution. Now that you are on your own and the actions are instantaneous you would require to tread carefully. See that you constantly monitor your portfolio through the tools that most online stock trading brokers provide. Your portfolio will be updated constantly and this will allow you to take decisions on a real time basis. Take advantage also of their services to make in depth analysis of the stocks you are planning to buy or sell, so that you make your trades with the right information available.

Financial Management Strategies: Concepts and Tactics

It was said that: “Finance is the art of passing currency from hand to hand until it finally disappears,” how laughable, you might think, however is that even true? Finance is too important to be left only to finance specialists! In any company, the most successful managers are often those who have acquired a strong appreciation and mastering of financial concepts. One of the most crucial topics of finance is to learn about financial strategy. In order so you know how significant this topic is in the field of finance, you may need to ask yourself a similar question: Do you think the organizations handing out bad loans, buying securities of bundled bad loans, and selling credit default swaps had a well-thought out financial strategy for business success? Of course not! This paper is intended to define what is exactly meant by financial management strategy, what role it holds in a successful business and finally a few tricks that enable your organization to achieve the best financial strategies ever!

Obafemi Toriola, freelance writer and business consultant, explains his views on the topic of financial management by saying: “Strategic financial management is basically about the identification of the possible strategies capable of maximizing an organization’s market value. It also encompasses the implementation and monitoring of the chosen strategy so as to achieve agreed objectives.” In simpler words, it is a set of best practices that ensures that funds are committed and raised only when they enhance shareholders values. Many processes are involved, but the key element here is Decisions Making. The key decisions falling within the scope of financial strategy include financial, investment and dividend decisions. A good finance should take the initiation and create a clear financial strategy, because no financial strategy means a strategy for failure.

Today’s economic climate calls for executives who can apply various financial analyses as they evaluate business performance, weigh potential acquisitions, and assess global competition. So, how would you create an innovative financial system for your own interest? First of all, it will have to be focused upon improvements and success. Financial control systems shouldn’t just be about compliance, they should be about continually improving key aspects of the financial operation. Second, you also might be interested to find ways to measure the financial performance in your company, ways to manage growth with less exposure to financial risks, or/and other ways to enhance shareholder value in the market. A third, in the position but not in the importance, is to set a policy that will ensure that all the key elements involved are consistent with strategy and the risk appetite of the firm and its shareholders.

Madinah Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship (MILE) is pleased to give a detailed course on Financial Management strategy in its second executive education program; PALM2 (Program for Advanced Leadership & Management). Mr.Rafael Vinas, a senior instructor from the Globecon Group, will be in charge of explaining this topic to the participants. This course will help you to acquire the analytical tools and financial skills to position your company for growth and profitability. This training is a part of other wild range of training modules and workshops in the field of business and management. The PALM2 program will be commencing January 15th and ends January 27th, 2011 and will be held in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. For effective financial decision making and impeccable financial management join PALM, the most comprehensive leadership development coaching and executive leadership training in the Middle East.

Reduce Your Taxes With These Tips

What is your 2015 income tax bill?  Do you owe? Or are you expecting a refund?  You don’t need to wait until April 15th to find out.

Strategic year-end tax planning starts with a tax estimate.  From there see which tax tips can help you.

Year-End Tax Tips

  • Increase your retirement contributions.  2015 maximum contributions to a 401(k) are $18,000 (or $24,000 if you are over 50).  IRA contribution limits are $5,500 or $6,500 if over 50. Taxpayers with income up to $60,000 if married or $30,000 if single can also receive a tax credit by contributing to retirement accounts.  This is an incentive to save.
  • Charitable contributions to qualified charities can reduce your taxable income if you itemize.  In addition, contributions to several Idaho charities provide an Idaho tax credit of $200 for single or $400 for joint (with or without itemization)  Check http://tax.idaho.gov/s-results-form.cfm?doc=EIN00046 page 25 of Form 39R for a complete list of charities that qualify for this credit.
  • Donate appreciated property such as stock for a win-win-win.  You receive credit for the full value for the stock as your donation, while also avoiding capital gains and the Net Investment Tax.  (Take Note: Donating stock takes some lead time to complete a donation.  It isn’t as quick as writing a check.  You can’t wait until December 31st.)
  • Defer income or prepay expenses.  Moving income and expenses from one year to the next requires evaluating both tax years.  This option is easier for self-employed and owners of rental property. Make your January mortgage payment in December to decrease your current year taxable income.
  • Maximize your contribution to a Health Savings Account.  (Anything not spent carries over indefinitely.) Limits for singles are $3,350; families are $6,650.
  • Bundle Medical Expenses. If you don’t have pre-tax options for medical expenses, consider bundling.  For example, if you have a large medical expense like surgery, delay paying until the following year.  Or do additional medical expenses in the same year.
  • Payments made on a credit card are considered paid in the year the charge occurred.  This includes medical, charitable and business expenses.
  • Sell your stocks and mutual funds that are underwater if they are in a taxable account.  (Retirement accounts are sheltered from taxes both for gains and losses.)  You can offset any other capital gains with losses and take an additional $3,000 of loss against income.  Any loss beyond the $3,000 allowed is carried over.  This works for both stock mutual funds and bond mutual funds, but be aware, you cannot replace with the ‘same’ stock or mutual fund for a 30 day period.  You may consider a similar or like stock or fund.
  • Consider the timing of buying into mutual funds as year-end approaches.  As a general rule, mutual funds pay out their capital gains at the end of the year.  You want to buy after that dividend date is announced.  Otherwise, you may only hold the fund for a month, but you get a year’s worth of capital gains.

Preparing a year-end tax estimate is helpful in focusing on your tax options.  At a minimum, you want to be sure you have paid in sufficiently to avoid underpayment penalties.

Keeping good tax records is also helpful in reducing your tax bill.  Keep receipts for cash expenses, charitable donations, medical expenses and employee business expenses.

Maintain a designated file folder for receipts and tax documents to make keeping track easier.

A few actions taken before year-end can reduce your tax bill.  Be pro-active!

Courses for Top Online Accounting Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs in Accounting are very beneficial for those who desire to advance their accounting skills. Top Online Certificate Programs in Accounting provide fundamental skills set for prospective accountants and for those interested in supplementing their existing career. Pursuing top accounting certificate programs will also enhance your employment opportunities in this industry.

What You will learn from Top Accounting Certificate Programs

Enrolling in an Online Certificate Program in Accounting allows students to pursue careers in numerous settings such as large corporations, non-profit organizations and public sectors. In order to enroll in Top Accounting Certificate Programs students usually need a high school diploma or its equivalent. Students will learn the basic accounting theory, technical expertise of the profession, fundamentals of financial statements, investments, auditing, taxation, commercial law and liabilities.

Board Room

Required Courses for Accounting Certificate Programs

Students enrolled in top Accounting Certificate Programs typically learn how to integrate technology with today’s method of computer-based accounting methods. Students will be equipped with the skills required to use technological-based spreadsheets, databases and Internet resources. Students enrolled in accounting certificate programs generally take following courses:

Accounting Principles

Cost Accounting

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting

Global Accounting

Accounting For Non-Business Organizations

Income Tax Accounting

Accounting Software

Fraud Examination

Business Finance

Business Law And Taxation

Advance Accounting

Corporate Finance

Analysis Of Financial Statements

Corporate Finance

Certificate in Accounting CPA Exam Preparation

The CPA examination is the pinnacle that any accountant can achieve in his education. Preparing for the CA involves loads of learning and training. The Certificate in Accounting CPA Exam preparation prepares the students in all the educational requirements necessary to sit for the CPA examinations. Top accounting college, Post University, offers this accelerated accounting certificate.

Certificate in Finance

Finance professionals are the ones who help any business to raise capital, invest money, manage assets and earn profits. The Certificate Program in Finance will provide you with up-to-date knowledge and skills required for thriving and flourishing as finance professional. The course is available in a flexible online form too. After completing the course, you can get employment as a financial or investment manager or as a financial analyst.

Finance professionals are the ones who help any business to raise capital, invest money, manage assets and earn profits. The Certificate Program in Finance will provide you with up-to-date knowledge and skills required for thriving and flourishing as finance professional. The course is available in a flexible online form too. After completing the course, you can get employment as a financial or investment manager or as a financial analyst.

The Constant Rise of the Online Scrap Gold Market

Selling scrap gold may be progressively well known in the present market yet like whatever else, it pays to know somewhat about that market before you enter it. The sale of undesirable gold gems or scrap gold is by all accounts a constantly expanding pattern, with the chance to get trade for gold advanced out TV advertisements, porn merchants, and on the web. The relentless ascent of gold in the course of recent years and the present retreat are key elements in the fame of this business sector.

An enduring rising cost for gold has a tendency to fortify its picture as a decent venture amid financial instability in this way fuelling further request. Many nations tend to be the biggest buyers for gold mostly because of religious and social prerequisites. Around 66% of aggregate interest is for gems.

Mechanical interest is moderately little however essentially in the gadgets business where its non-destructive properties and electrical conductivity are useful. The supply of gold from gold mines is generally inelastic because of the long lead times for new mines to come to production.

This implies that growth in demand can rapidly prompt higher costs as we have found in the most recent years. Reused gold records for roughly 33% of the supply of gold and consequently has a huge part to play in the business sector. It is additionally something to be thankful for the planet by decreasing the effect of further gold mining on the earth. There are various investment opportunities for gold: bullion coins, little gold bars, exchanged securities, gold records, and gold endorsements.

On the other hand, it is more regular, less demanding and normally less expensive to put resources into gold based stores (offers in mining organizations) which can be held in various mediums, and are anything but difficult to purchase and offer. It is important that the cost of gold is cited in US dollars and consequently a speculation can be affected by coin vacillations. On the off chance that you are considering offering your gold through one of the numerous outlets right now accessible, then it merits realizing that there are tremendous varieties in the costs paid: frequently fluctuating somewhere around 20% and 90% of the present gold quality.

There are extensive publicizing expenses connected with some of administrations we see on TV and consequently the costs paid mirror their expenses. Numerous administrations don’t offer an ensured value yet lure you with high potential qualities. There can likewise be concealed charges for valuation, postage, and sending back your gold. Now and again, the expense of giving back the gold is so high as to make the deal at any value more beneficial.

Going Bankrupt? Here Are The Pro And Cons

During the present economic crisis, many Americans are taking bankruptcy as an option to get rid of the debt. But, before taking any such decision it is better to know pros and cons of going bankrupt. If you are such a person thinking to file bankruptcy, then read this article further as it outlines different advantageous and disadvantageous of going bankrupt.

Pros of going bankrupt: as with any other option, bankruptcy also offers many advantageous. Here are those:

If you are deep in debt (unsecured) and unable to pay off like credit card debt and medical bills then filling bankruptcy will eliminate total debt. There are many other options alternative to bankruptcy but with bankruptcy you have to pay very little compared to other options.

If creditors are putting an extreme amount of pressure on you, then bankruptcy will put an end to their harassment. In general, opting for other alternative will not put an end to those harassments but will halt and start if you again default on payments.

Your bankruptcy attorney will take care of all proceedings, where you will be rest assured of the proceeding when you hire a reliable bankruptcy professional like creditcardbankruptcysolutions.com

After your case of bankruptcy is accepted and all debt is discharged, you can start your financial life afresh, which is important.

As you file bankruptcy, all your unsecured debt gets discharged and those debts will not appear on your credit report. Here you can start building again your credit.

When looking at the advantageous of going bankrupt you might be thinking that bankruptcy is the best option for you to get rid of all the problems especially if you are undergoing huge financial stress. It is common, the debtor finds appealing who is experiencing this kind of stress. But before taking decision you must also look at the negative side of the option. Here are the negative affects of going bankrupt:

In case if you are having mortgage loan then it is possible that your home will be sold, especially if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is because the chapter 7 bankruptcy law states that all assets to be liquidated and use the proceedings to pay off the debt. If you want to save the home or any other valuable assets then file chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this, you are allowed to keep hold of assets and plan a new repayment schedule to clear of the debt.

All your finance will be probed and investigated when you file bankruptcy in order to discharge your debt. This is required to decide if you are really facing financial hardship. If you are found guilty of any irregularities, then you may face criminal proceedings.

According to new bankruptcy laws, some debts are not discharged like child support, taxes, student loan (issued by federal government) late fees etc. and at the same time going bankrupt is costly affair as you need to hire a bankruptcy attorney and court fees. Therefore after assessing the pros and cons of bankruptcy, decide which option to choose for debt relief.

Digital Marketing in 2015: The Way Forward

Digital marketing is here to stay. There can be no doubt about that. In fact, it is set to dominate the marketing landscape in an unprecedented manner due to a combination of factors.

The proliferation of smartphones and hard knuckled data pricing wars created the environment that gave birth to newer ways of doing things.

Marketers have been forced to rethink their strategies and many embraced digital marketing channels to acquire and retain customers. This widespread adoption of new media marketing methods is indeed a step in the right direction.

So what are the trends that will determine success in digital marketing for marketers in 2015?


We are living in the age of the Mobile and marketers should have a mobile-first mind set. The starting point is a shift of the mind set to win in the mobile universe. The mobile user consumes content on the fly and they also have shorter attention spans.

Mobile is everywhere and social networking is the main activity, this is a lucrative gold mine of opportunities.

 Data Management

Data is the fuel that powers all marketing activities and the mastery of Big Data is a critical success factor in 2015 and beyond. Marketing decisions derived from data insights tend to provide a high ROI.

Social Listening

Digital marketing is a unique form of marketing. It is centred around the customers’ conversations and social transactions like “likes, tweets and shares”.

Social listening allows the brands to track and monitor these conversations and understand their target audience better. Without listening skills and strategies in place, marketing messages are dead on arrival.

Digital marketing is driven by never-ending conversations and interactions. Just like in the offline world, a good listener is also a good communicator.

Social listening is also important in another regard. It enables marketers to pick up and respond to negative feedback from their customers. Unresolved queries or disgruntlement can damage a brand’s reputation.

Creative Content

The point of being on social networks is for brands to maximise their reach within the target audience. Content is the way but it is not just any piece of content. Why is this important?

Social networking sites have changed their algorithms in the past year to punish overly promotional content or that which has poor engagement. The organic reach of many posts has dwindled remarkably. A lot of marketers are complaining that their posts are reaching less than 2% of their fan base.

The only way to be visible, increase reach and survive in this digital jungle is via the creation compelling and relevant content. Visual content is most powerful in driving engagement and conversions.


Search will always be very important to digital marketing. The reason is very simple. The internet is structured to facilitate discovery of information. Search marketing makes products and services to be visible to prospective clients.

Websites that employ the best search engine optimisation tactics will benefit from qualified web traffic. Actually, it is a known fact within digital marketing circles that over 85% of new visitors to a website come via search engines. Imagine this, Google processes over 40 000 searches per second and over 3.5 billion per day. This is huge by an stretch of the imagination.


The key determinants of success in digital marketing for 2015 will be mastery of the following issues Mobile, Data Management, Social Listening, Creative Content and Search. However, it is instructive to note that continuous learning, research and attending workshops produces incredible results as well.

Tips for Making a Bright Career in Finance and Banking In India

Each and every organization, whether it is a governmental body or a private institute, needs at least one financial expert. Even a small business or agency is in need of financial guidance, sometimes hiring out or purchasing software. It’s for these reasons an individual with a business degree in finance can assist in any organization.

Hence, choosing to study finance and banking is a great idea for the numbers-savvy degree seeker. Being great at math alone will not help you to reach the higher goal of attaining a job in these fields; there are many laws that vary from state to state and country to country. A degree in finance will help you take your knowledge of numbers and currencies to the workplace and use the knowledge practically.

Currently there are so many banking and finance degree programs available readily. Hundreds of universities and colleges provide these finance and banking degree programs both in regular and online curriculum. Depending on your interest, study habits, and budget you can select either a “traditional” course or choose to get your degree online or even start through the community college system. There are always options out there for dedicated students.

In case if you are planning to enhance your banking career in India you are required to appear for the JAIIB/CAIIB exam in banking industry which are conducted by Indian Institute of banking and finance (IIBF). The exams are not so hard to pass if you have basic knowledge about banking. You can find different study materials present online which can help you out. www.jaiibcaiib.co.in is one reputed site where you can find good information on study materials, courses, exams, and much more.

Importance of Finance and Banking Degree Courses Online

Nowadays the finance and banking degree courses are available online so that one can easily learn and get the finance degree by sitting in their home. This is a great option for someone looking into furthering their education while working or someone who doesn’t have the funds to complete a degree in the “traditional” method. It used to be said that online degrees were not as valued as degrees earned on a college campus but that bias is no longer true. Many top universities around the world are offering online courses and employers are recognizing their value.

After completing any type of finance degree program one can get a job (depending upon the credentials and rank he or she earned in the course of the degree program, of course). There are career opportunities in finance in every industry and in every company around the world. The job description may differ in name but the work will always be centered on the same concepts that is finance management. You just need to find the industry you are most interested in and start looking.

Bankrupt Stock

Do you know what bankrupt stock is? No, it doesn’t involve buying market stock in bankrupt businesses, that’d be ridiculous as the business itself would cease to exist within a certain period of time after bankruptcy anyway. Bankrupt stock can be explained very simply, but you need a little bit of background information first. In business that deal with providing goods rather than services you need a strong supply chain, this supply chain gives you the stock you need on a regular basis and quite often you are committed to fulfilling a certain contract period of carrying their stock. If you business hits the rocks and much declare bankruptcy and liquidate your supply chain will be cut off and you must sell your assets. Physical assets such as store locations and real estate like head offices are sold off fairly late into the bankruptcy and liquidation, but first you must get rid of the physical stock in your stores.

To do this you must give customers the incentive to buy your bankrupt stock. Quite often this leads to the ‘closing down sale’ that draws in massive numbers of customers assuming they can get fantastic deals before the business goes under. A majority of the bankrupt stock is cleared through price and purchase incentives, but sometimes there can be some left over. This bankrupt stock is either sent back to the manufacturer, sent to another part of the business that hasn’t closed shop yet, or is simply sold onto retailers who specialise in bankrupt stock.

You’d be surprised that businesses exist that deal exclusively in bankrupt stock, but given the financial state of the world currently coupled with a double dip recession in the United Kingdom there is money to be made from the misery of others so to speak. As more and more businesses go under that cannot flog all their bankrupt stock, retailers that specialise in that merchandise buy it all in bulk at a discount before selling it on to consumers, undercutting the regular retailers that are still open and selling the same products at a higher cost. Bankrupt stock, it’s a bargain for both consumers and retailers.

Top tips on picking the best Credit card Processing Machines for your business

With an abundance of solutions for credit card processing available today, you could find it tough to examine diverse offerings and locate the solution supplying the finest service for your business. Given below are some factors that you must keep in mind while considering acknowledging credit card deals. By remembering these factors you are guaranteed get a processor that does not just work for you but works with you also.

Determine your requirements

The foremost step to fulfilling a requirement is the identification of the requirement. It is vital that you check your business form, and asses the form that you business will take in a matter of some months/ years. Some things that you consider are:

Whether you’ve a storefront

Whether you would be on the road

Will a time come when you would require selling your goods & services while travelling?

On a good number of occasions, merchants recognize that a bodily terminal seated on counter tops isn’t the finest alternative for them. The more recent technologies, examples being cell phone payments, / online shopping, are better ways of accepting payments and they suit their customers more.

You must also decipher whether you require accepting payments from all card types, credit / debit.

Do the necessary research

As is the case with all purchases or contracts, ensure that you be diligent ahead of opting for specific providers of Credit card Processing Machines.  Do a bit of exploration on this industry and discover the options available. Check the reviews posted online, look into blogs and also discuss with a representative of a company and ask him all questions that are in your mind.

Shop about for a cost that you are Comfortable with

It is not mandatory for you to resister yourself for processing from the bank where you have an account. Numerous options are available that are a great deal more economical and supply a superior service that is custom-made to the requirements of your business.

Never let a concession Rate of a merchant fool you

Though Low rate are always more luring you must be aware of the fact there could be hidden costs coming up in your statements that had not been told to you. A few things that you should consider while thinking about a low concession rate of a merchant are:

Things to keep in mind are:

Assessment charges

Batch fees

Per contract fees

Non-qualified add-on

Monthly fees

Settlement fees

Uncomplicated Integration

You must remember that a processor that’s just right on-paper isn’t necessarily the most uncomplicated to integrate with the system you are presently using. Integration must be flawless, gainful and protected. Be acquainted with the systems you would like your own processor to work with.

Obligation to Security

While trying to find credit card processing machines it is vital that you validate that the probable candidates are entirely compliant with most up-to-date PCI & EMV standards.

Being a merchant it is only valid for you to expect protection from unofficial capture of confidential credit card particulars for keeping you and your trade name safe.

Vince Thadani – A Highly Reckoned Finance Entrepreneur, Who Works With Kids

Vince Premchand Thadani, a senior tech-magnate and a reputed finance entrepreneur is in focus once again for his serial entrepreneurial abilities. This professional having an experience spanned over more than two decades in finance and technology, has started working with youngsters and kids for development of financial skills at an early age.

It’s a fact that today’s word is much more complicated with rigorous financial technicalities. To be a successful entrepreneur and a contributing member of the society, one has to be clear on the key concepts of finance and investments. With an objective of making a better financial future for the young generations, Vince Thadani has started interacting with kids to teach them how to develop financial skills and manage finances for a positive impact.

Why with Kids:

The first question that comes through straight is why kids for this complex subject? Well, the answer is very simple like to question. Young age is the age where the society builds a foundation for a person. The earlier is the age the better is the foundation with strong fundamentals and sustainable outcome. Kids often fail to understand anything about finance and financial management as they are dependent on their parents for their education and other necessities. With the teaching of finance to the kids, they can be made aware about the real-life (in some proportion, at least) and can be prepared to face the world in a real-life scenario. Education expands the thought process and analytical skills, and when teaching financial management or financial concepts to kids, it impacts much positively on their life over long run.

Who is Vince Thadani:

Vince or Vinay Premchand Thandani, is a man of Indian origin and settled in Santa Clara County in the United States at present. He is an amazing personality with a huge list of educational achievement and reputed career opportunities. He has completed his High School in Japan, and Bachelors Degree from Schiller International University in London, U.K. Then he took a professional course in Communication at the School of Business in Indiana State University.

With a promising career in Technology and Finance, Vince Thadani has acquired numerous top level positions in marketing and sales with the latest being the Vice-President (Product and Marketing Management) at Arada Systems (a Wireless Technology leader in emerging global market). With over 20+ years of experience, Vince has also been an Angel investor for many companies and startups. With his profound experience and expertise this management expert has successfully executed many top-level executive positions in companies of global repute in social media, mobile travel applications, transportation, and others.

The other aspects of this finance entrepreneur of Santa Clara County:

Although this person has remained operational at high level platforms of global repute, he has a soft corner too for his society. As a member of Life Church Silicon Valley since last 7 years, Vince Thadani has been ensuring to spread the message of Jesus Christ spread over the Santa Clara County. He has been involved in many community services including his regular services in the Life Church Silicon Valley. He also contributes to the social welfare of his county whenever he could manage time respite of his busy schedules and rigorous appointments.

To the society, Vince Thadani – an entrepreneur works with kids, has been a true person with a balanced contribution to his preferred sectors in technology and finance along with community service at large.

Finance Tips For The Graduating High School Student

It soon happens that once you graduate from high school and attend college, you get tempted to hold credit cards, spend money and party with friends quite frequently. However, many of you fall into a debt trap as you fail to manage your finances well. This is the same story with many high school graduates, as they suddenly get a taste of new found freedom and stay out for long with friends, splurge at the pub, and buy girlfriends or boyfriends gifts. If you plan your finances well, you would save yourself from debt and learn the secret to save more. Here are a few tips.

When it comes to money, planning plays an important role. Take help from elders to manage your finances and advice when it comes to spending. Before you purchase a credit card, understand how it works. Know the methods of payment and the time allotted to make the payment. In addition, it is good not to be greedy and have more than one credit card. When you swipe your card make sure it is for a genuine need. Try to use hard cash as far as possible. Also, be aware about the time when you need to make the payment without having to pay the credit card company interest on your outstanding loan amount. Not being able to pay credit card money will earn you a bad history, which can spell big trouble later on.

It is good to know that you cannot spend more than the amount you get as pocket money or salary. Spending more than what you get is a clear way towards debt unless your parents get you out of it. It is good to put some amount in your savings account, spare some for any emergencies, and then spend the remaining amount. This will save you from falling into debt and would add money to your kitty.

Drafting a budget always helps. Jot down your monthly expenses, the amount that you can put in bank, and the amount that you can spend. Try to stick to your budget unless an emergency occurs. To come up with an exact budget, you can observe your expenses for a month and then come up with it. This will also help you realize if you are spending more and accordingly take measures to cut down your expenses.

If you plan to take a loan, make sure you use it only for your college needs. Do not take a loan to spend lavishly on non-essentials, as this will only get you into a debt trap making it difficult to come out. Before taking a loan, it’s wise to involve your parents in the decision so you make no mistakes. Use loan amounts only to pay for your fees, books, tuition fees, and other expenses relating to your education. Remember, you need to pay an interest amount on your loan and if you spend it on foolish things, you will simply invite trouble.

Once you start saving and spending in an appropriate manner, you will never have trouble managing your finances. This way, you can do more in the near future with your saved amount and would not have to worry about a bad credit history. So, have fun and make the most of a well-planned financial future, now.

Bankruptcy Listing – What Is It?

If you want to find out who has gone bankrupt in Australia, you are able to conduct search through a bankruptcy listing.  The bankruptcy listing is a registered database that contains details on all past and present bankruptcies, insolvency proceedings, and administrations made under the Bankruptcy Act 1966. This bankruptcy listing is updated by Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia and it is called the National Personal Insolvency Index.

A creditor can find a person who is bankrupt, by utilising the services of an authorised Index Search Agent for a fee. Australian Business Research, NDC and Citec Confirm are some of the Index Search Agents.  These agents have been granted access to search the bankruptcy listing maintained by Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia.

The basic information required to perform a search is a full legal name. Additional information such as the age, occupation and state of residence, will greatly assist your search for a Bankrupt, however they are not mandatory.

Information contained in a Bankruptcy Listing

An extract search on a bankrupt provides the following information:

• Date of Bankruptcy;
• Date of Birth;
• Occupation;
• Address when first became Bankrupt;
• Trustee in Bankruptcy and details of the Trustee;
• Administration type e.g. Debtor’s Petition, Sequestration Order, Debt Agreement, Personal Insolvency Agreement;
• Administration number;
• Finished date; and
• Result of Bankruptcy e.g. Bankrupt, Annulled, Composition payment, Discharged by law.

Contacting the Bankrupt

As most people move or advise of a PO Box address when they become a bankrupt, contacting them can be difficult for a creditor, therefore it is best to contact the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

A bankrupt has a legal obligation to assist the Trustee during the term of bankruptcy as heavy penalties are imposed for non compliance. A Trustee will be able to answer a creditor’s questions with regards to recoverability, dividend and outcome of the bankruptcy.

In conclusion, the bankruptcy listing is a useful tool to identify a bankrupt, find out the current status of the bankruptcy and contact details of the Trustee.

Liaising with the Trustee is the best option when requiring information for a bankrupt.

Things you should keep in mind while looking for finance jobs!

Jobs in finance industry are highly lucrative. In earlier times, financial planners had two limited career options-they could either become stock broker or insurance agents. Their career paths were decided and expectations were conveyed. There has been a drastic change since then; there are more career options available in the present scenario. With this, the race to grab the best finance jobs among the aspirants has become even more fierce and competitive.


Preparing for a career in finance requires an individual to be more attentive towards the latest developments and keeping the tab on the current hiring trends (such as skills in demand). A career in finance can be quite tough, but for people who are enriched with great analytical and numerical skills, the journey to a successful finance professional can be quite easy.  If you are planning a career in this, here are few things which you might want to know.

Initial requirements

The finance sector bestows its professionals with high pay packages and excellent career advancement opportunities. Jobs in finance sector can be a hard nut to crack or it can be a cakewalk, a lot depends upon the skills and aptitude of an individual.  There is a great deal of skills, education and efforts involved in getting a job of your choice.

The most basic education requirement to qualify for the finance jobs is undergraduate college degree.MBA finance is one of the most common finance courses to get an entry in such jobs.

Where to look for opportunities in finance?

Finance institutions are present in almost any part of the country. People mostly prefer the metro cities when it comes to finding a job. Below is the list of the sectors where finance jobs can be readily found-

  • Private Equity
  • Investment Banking
  • Hedge Funds
  • Venture Capital
  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fund Management

Further, if you are willing to work in a finance job abroad, you should aptly comprehend that most of the companies prefer employees who can speak in the native language. Besides English you must learn a second language to strengthen your candidature.

Expand your job finding resources

Due to the cut throat competition, finding a finance job can be at times an arduous task, but there are a wide array of resources to help you find a job. This is internet driven world and so maximum number of opportunities you can find through internet itself. There are employment sites, online job portals, consultancies and recruitment firms where one can get the list of job openings in a variety of companies.

What are the different entry level positions in finance?

Finance is a diversified sector which offers a plenty of job roles and positions. Finance graduates have a certain level of edge over other career domains as they can strive for a wide variety of entry level positions. Some of the prominent entry level positions in the finance sector are listed below,take a look-

  • Finance Analyst
  • Commercial Lender
  • Financial manager
  • Financial planner
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Trust Manager and so on.

In an entry level job, candidates must not worry about their salary package. In their first job, they should focus more on learning the traits of the trade. Finance industry is tough and so those who have acquired the skills as per the industry demands shall be the one to make their way ahead of others!

Online marketing and its importance

Online marketing has got immense value in today’s world since the mushrooming of online businesses has taken place. No business can survive in this fierce world of competition if your think tankers are not relying on online marketing strategies. Well there are lot of things which fall under the regime of online marketing and you need to leverage each of its element to make your online marketing strategy work.

Now you need to look into the details and find out what really your online marketing strategy does to your business. Suppose you are a start-up company and you want to give your business a boost by having an online presence. Just having a website is not enough and this will do no good to your business until and unless you can’t sell your brand name to your target audience. This is where you need to do some online marketing of your business. This makes you visible to your target audience.

Why do you need to do online marketing for your business?

The internet world is so big that you will find millions of websites with the same business you are in and this makes it very hard to compete with your competitors and stay in the top results of Google. Generally according to the experts, the majority of the internet users find their satisfaction for the results they are shown of the first page which makes your competition even tougher because not only you have to get visible to your target audience but also you need to stay in first page of Google SERPs.

Well now if you have understood the importance of online marketing, you will have to know the strategies and techniques to do it effectively. Talking about online marketing, we can’t skip Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and e-mail marketing; the three most important pillars of online marketing.

Search engine optimization is a way of building links of your business all over the internet and making your website rank better in search engines whereas optimizing social media platforms for business purpose to increase credibility and trust factor and rejoice better bonding with your target audience. E-mail marketing targets your existing customer base in order to frame personalized sale oriented mailers and increase chances of capital rising for your business.

Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance (IIQF) bags top awards

Dainik Bhaskar & Lokmat has conferred Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance (IIQF) with National Education Leadership award for its outstanding work in education in the fields of quantitative finance and risk management.

Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance (IIQF) is an education management firm which is a center of finance excellence with special focus on quantitative finance, data analytics and risk management.

Mr. Abhijit Biswas, Direcor, IIQF commented on this achievement, “We are really excited to be recognised for our efforts and excellence. We are grateful to all the faculty members, students and corporate partners who have enabled us to become a national leader in finance education”

The criteria used by the jury of Lokmat & Dainik Bhaskar for selecting the winners were comprised of course evaluation; student’s feedback & reviews; and insights and critical assessment from industry experts of various reputed institutions in India.

IIQF has a very strong team of faculty and board of governors. Board of governors include Rajan Gadkari, a very senior Wall Street Quant and ex-MD of Bank of New York Mellon; Dr. M.P. Rajan, School of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research; Dr. Binay Kumar Ray, AVP Quantitative Risk with DBS Singapore and experts from various reputed industry. Faculty pool consists of top professionals and entrepreneurs from the Financial Services Industry with extensive global experience and expertise in specialized domains and educational background from the best of global institutions.

Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance is well known for its training methodology. They use practical models and teach in a way which is relevant, easy to remember and fun to learn. Industry professionals have always appreciated IIQF’s support services which includes placement assistance, career guidance and networking nights.

Lalitha Duru, Manager, Morgan Stanley commented on IIQF’s pedagogy. She said, “Thanks a lot IIQF and the lecturers. The course helped me in moving to Semi Quant team internally. Lectures are very informative and covered wide range of complex topics building from fundamentals to very advanced levels. It was a very refreshing experience.”

Varun Jain, a MBA student got placement assistance from IIQF Placement team. He said, “It was a double bonus for me. Not only did I gain knowledge from the course, but I was also able to get a good job because of IIQF’s team.”

IIQF is launching the courses such as Certificate Program in Financial Modelling in Excel, Advanced Financial Modelling, Programming for Finance, and Certificate Program in Applied Mathematical Finance for Engineers.

Top Tips and Tricks for Making a Successful Forex Trade

The most successful traders are those who hone their skills through discipline and training. They carry out analysis of their actions to better understand the dynamics of their trades, while learning to keep evils like greed and fear out. To ensure you receive the maximum returns from your trade, given below are a list of tips and tricks to help you perfect your craft

  1. Before you get down to choosing a trading style, a successful forex trader is one who defines his goals. The adoption of this advice is highly important as it will help you to select a style that is compatible with not only your goals but also your personality.
  2. Since every trading style comes with its own unique approach and risk factor, the attitude and approach you need to adopt in order to trade successfully should be determined based on an understanding of these differences.
  3. Always opt for a broker who not only makes you comfortable but also provides you with a trading platform matching your trading style. In this context, it is imperative to spend adequate time researching before zeroing in on a likely candidate. You must have a clear understanding of each broker’s policies and his market conduct before signing any agreement.
  4. Selection of a particular methodology and sticking to it is another point that requires your consideration. Irrespective of the methodology you may decide to adopt, it is of vital importance that you remain consistent in its application. Moreover, your methodology should also be adaptive in nature. The ideal system that you need to have should be one that keeps up with the changing times.
  5. It is always safe to opt for a longer time frame when it comes to direction analysis. The opposite should hold true for when it comes to entry or exit. In other words, you need to synchronise your different trading charts for better direction analysis and entry or exit.
  6. A successful forex trader always performs analysis of their trades – both loss and profits. This is vital in helping you to determine the profitability of your winning trades as well as in understanding where you went wrong in your trade losses.
  7. A trading plan that comes with a positive response pattern is the best. In other words, a well-planned trade will give rise to smooth execution, which in turn will boost your confidence. By creating a series of such positive response patterns, you end up with successful run in your trading activities.
  8. Advance preparation is another ingredient for success. Weekends make for the ideal time to prepare and plan your trades. One must spend the time on studying weekly charts to identify patterns that could have an effect on your trade.
  9. Last but not the least; do not lose focus on your trades while learning to look at your small losses with love.

Best Practices to Make Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Easier

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tacoma can be a tricky process. There are lots of dates, deadlines, and documents to store in your mind. Another thing to store away in your brain are these important tips regarding filing for bankruptcy. Following these helpful hints may make all the difference in your mood as you go through each step of your bankruptcy.

Start Collecting Documentation

The first thing that you need to start doing to prepare for your bankruptcy filing that will make the whole process much easier is to get all of your relevant documentation together. Bankruptcy cases involve an immense amount of paperwork and documents. Start collecting your tax returns, keep paystubs religiously, and order copies of any court documents you have for any open legal cases you are a named party in. in addition to helping you be better prepared for your bankruptcy filing, your lawyer and the trustee will appreciate your organization and the ability it gives you to find things quickly.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

If your home is being foreclosed on soon, you are facing repossession of your cars, and/or you are about to have your wages garnished or already have had wages garnished, bankruptcy can help remedy these situations or at least put them on pause for a moment. However, you will have a much better experience and will be able to get your financial life back on track faster if you can recognize the problems early on and start right away to fix them. Bankruptcy is often seen as a remedy for a situation already in crisis, when it can and should be used at times as a preventive measure for problems that could arise later on.

Talk to Loved Ones about It

Bankruptcy is a difficult process and having financial worries as you do can seem impossible. However, these things might be a lot more common than you realize. One thing that you can do that will make the whole situation a lot less stressful for you is being able to talk to family and friends about what you are going through. You might struggle with the idea of telling anyone that you are considering filing for bankruptcy, but you may be surprised by their reaction if you do go through with it. You will likely find that bankruptcy is a lot more commonplace than you had thought. Your friends and family might even have some valuable resources for you to look into.

Identify Your Goals for Filing

As with many other things, if you are working towards something and have an ultimate goal in mind for what you want to accomplish or to have learned from any given experience, you will be more likely to get through the situation in a better place mentally and emotionally. This is certainly true of bankruptcy. Talk to your attorney about and write down those things that you want to be able to accomplish by filing for bankruptcy. Of course erasing debt is likely one of those, but what do you want to do with all of the money that will be freed up after your debt is erased? Perhaps you want to take your family on a great vacation or travel the world. If you can see yourself working towards something, you will have a better experience with filing for bankruptcy.

Ultimately, Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tacoma can be a great experience, and yes, you heard that right. What has often seemed to many to be the end-all, bankruptcy really is not an indicator of financial ruin but can rather be a smart first step towards financial success.

CMA – an international high-profile education in Finance Management

Are you dreaming to head a Finance Empire in future? A traditional master degree in finance may not be adequate to help you reach your goal. The reason behind is top positions in FINANCE is generally restricted to Professional Accountants. Even an MBA (Finance) from a top B school is, often, not considered as an optimum qualification for this purpose.

To be a Professional Accountant, you neither, always, have to be a Public Accountant (Auditor) by struggling for 5-8 years including your article ship period nor you need to get disappointed by repeated failures in  examinations and eventually turning nowhere with a demoralized, half-accountant status as it happens to majority of the aspirants.

A faster yet challenging CMA (Certified Management Accountant) route provides you faster earning opportunity. By the time your friends pass the auditing exam, you would earn Rs 20-25 lacks and occupy 1-2 level positions above them.

Management Accountants are also Professional Accountants and learn the same body of knowledge the Public Accountants learn. Although the CMA exam is held by IMA, US, a student can take the preparation and appear for an online exam from any part of the globe.

The best features of CMA are

  • It is a compact examination consisting of only 2 papers.
  • The syllabus is focused to the needs of the modern world of finance.
  • There is facility to appear for the exam online from any metro city.
  • CMA has international brand value.
  • It is officially equivalent to ICWA (India) if the student appears for CMA from a country outside India.
  • Job opportunity of a CMA is huge.
  • CMA is a quite affordable exam.
  • Classroom Coaching or coaching in distant mode is available. (www.ifcpld.com)

Even Harvard, IIM, XLRI graduates do this robust, convenient, industry-relevant CMA (US) to extend their career choice in finance functions.

Why CMA is only a 2 papers exam?

The world is moving in faster pace nowadays and most of the students neither have the patience nor the time to face many shorter exams over number of years. Hence, all American exams including CMA have evolved, in a scientific manner, as compact exams encompassing all subject areas within fewer papers. It requires hard work over a shorter period to pass the exam. CMA is an internationally portable qualification – a passport to work in all countries, including US.

CMA can be extremely beneficial for

  • Current MBA students / MBA aspirants – CMA will be synergic with MBA as it will help them do very well in Financial Management, Cost & Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Financial Institutes and Markets, International Finance & Derivatives and Management papers of the MBA examination. However, students doing CMAs will not need to do an MBA (Finance) as it automatically covers most areas of MBA (Finance).
  • B Com / M Com students – CMA will help you separate yourself from other lacks of MBAs. With a CMA, you can work in any area of Finance or Accounting in Managerial positions. CMAs drive performance in business – auditors just express opinions. Even an ordinary MBA (Fin), MFC, B Com, or M Com can have extraordinary career with the international CMA. CMA alone can get you all the material benefits life and job has to offer. The CMA option will save substantial money for the B Com/B Sc graduating students and they will start working early.
  • CA aspirants – Cost of doing a CA over an average 4.5 years period is Rs 23.54 lakhs including the opportunity cost of lost earning (as compared to a CMA) during CA studentship.
  • IT professionals – A good programmer with an additional CMA qualification will be a hot cake in the international job market. If you want, you may also move to the career line of a Finance Manager or MIS Manager where your IT background will be accepted as a plus.
  • Ambitious Science/Engineering graduates who have a knack in finance and dreaming to hold a prestigious position with a handsome salary as early as possible.

So, do not wait for your chance to come anymore. Go and grab your dream through the CMA way of success.

What a nil tax coding means when bankrupt

It is a general rule that any tax that is owed by you up to and including the tax year in which you are bankrupt will be claimed by the tax authorities from the Trustee or Official Receiver as a dividend. This means that in the year you are made bankrupt any tax that you pay will be collected by the OR and distributed by him.

So if you are employed and paying tax under Pay As You Earn (PAYE), you should ask your tax office to put you onto a ‘Nil’ tax code immediately after the bankruptcy order. The effect of this will be that you will be paid your wages with tax included within the pay. If for any reason this does not happen, and some tax is deducted after bankruptcy, this should be refunded to you by the Revenue. However, if you move to a different employer, this rule ceases to apply and tax should be deducted on an ’emergency’ basis.

The NT code is applied to all income earned by the bankrupt after the bankruptcy order date, either until such time as there is a change in the bankrupt’s source of income, or the tax year in which bankruptcy occurs comes to an end, whichever event is the earliest. This means the bankrupt does not pay any tax on his/her income whilst the NT code is in force and is thus in receipt of additional income to that received prior to the application of the NT coding.

If you are self-employed, your duty to pay tax directly to the Revenue will no longer apply to the tax year of bankruptcy or any previous year. You start paying tax directly from the following tax year.

One exception to the last rule affects self-employed workers in the construction industry, who have tax taken off their earnings at a flat rate of 18%. This deduction continues after bankruptcy, and the amounts that are deducted between your bankruptcy order and the following 5 April are paid by the Revenue to your Trustee.

If the bankrupt changes income source/employer during the course of the tax year in which he/she is made bankrupt (which could include becoming self – employed having previously been PAYE employed), HMRC deems this to be a change in source of income, and a new tax code will be issued. The bankrupt will be required to pay tax on his/her earnings from the date of the change. The bankrupt also becomes liable for tax again on any income received from the start of the tax year following the year in which bankruptcy occurs.

Electronic notification of the bankruptcy order takes immediate effect which enables  the local tax office dealing with the bankrupt taxpayer’s affairs to identify where appropriate cases where the nil tax (NT) code will be applied.

The monies refunded to you an dleft in your pay packet as a result of the change to the  NT code are a direct consequence of the making of the bankruptcy order and should therefore be available for the benefit of the bankruptcy estate. This is not yours to spend. You must make this available to the OR. The surplus income that you have can be included by the OR in an Income Payments Agreement. So in effect, you will not pay any tax to HMRC but instead the amount that you would have paid in tax you will pay to the OR for the remainder of the tax year as an IPA.

In all cases, the OR should ensure that the bankrupt and his/her family are left with sufficient funds for their reasonable domestic needs even after the nil tax coding. In some circumstances it  may not be appropriate to require the bankrupt to consent to an IPA to collect the additional income resulting from the NT coding, if the bankrupt can demonstrate that this would cause him/her to experience financial hardship.

When an IPA based upon nil tax has been agreed and the bankrupt has signed the Tax and National Insurance Disclosure Authority (form TNIDIS) this can be forwarded to the local tax office with form IRNTC to request that HMRC forward notice of the NT coding to the official receiver’s agents to enable them to commence collection of the NT IPA.

If it takes time to implement the NT code and the bankrupt will then receive the overpayment of tax as a refund at the end of the tax year. HMRC have confirmed that the application of the NT code to a bankrupt’s income will not have any impact on a bankrupt’s claim for working tax credits

If you have any issues whatever regarding your tax coding or you think you may go bankrupt and want to know more please contact me.

Participate in Marketing Research Surveys and Win Good Cash

Ever thought about partaking in marketing research surveys if earning additional income is a consideration for you? If not, you should try out at least once as it is by long odds a  great way to earn some extra cash. You can participate in a variety of surveys online depending on your personal preferences and interests.  Here in this article we talk about marketing research and shed light on its niceties.

The Salient Features of Marketing Research Surveys

Marketing research surveys are just a piece of cake when it comes to carrying them out. So when you participate in it, first of all, you will be requested to fill up the sign up an application that requires you to feature some fundamental info about the target product/service. Next, you will be involved with a group of other participants and be given a product to try out.

Once you have had substantial time to seamlessly try out the product, you will be given a brief and snappy questionnaire to fill out. It is replete with a few objective questions that you need to be answered regarding your likes and dislikes about the product.

That is typically followed up by a brief group session that requires every participant to talk about their viewpoints together while a moderator asks follow-up questions. After the group session is out and our over, they pay you either some cash or bestow on you some gifts. You cannot look forward to receiving a mint of money fortune yet with the garnered amount of money, you can meet your petty daily expenses for a long time. Once in a while, they will ask you to test out a sample of the product.
What kind of participants is a fit for marketing research surveys?

Marketing companies welcome people from every walk of life with different age groups, mindsets, interests etc. This will give them a selection of what the mass conceives about their products.

Your customers’ feedback regarding your products/services will work wonders in coming up with the initiatives and programs to improve their standards. At times, the ideas your customers give even transcend the ideas offered by professional marketing companies.

By participating in marketing research surveys, you can raise a voice in the description of products that are saleable in the market.

In the era of the Internet, several companies today carry out marketing research surveys online, which is not only an inexpensive thing for them but is also much convenient for you as an end user.

Things to Know about Bankruptcy

Wading through piles of debt can be overwhelming. You’d like to pay off your creditors, and start fresh, but due to circumstances beyond your control, that dream seems unattainable. These dark thoughts have you considering filing chapter 7 or chapter 13. Before consulting a bankruptcy attorney in Memphis, TN, here are a few things to know:

How Bankruptcy Can Help

Bankruptcy is a process that allows an individual or business to reorganize debts. A bankruptcy can eliminate some types of debt, but other types of debt, also known as priority obligations, cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. If the majority of your debt is related to credit card charges or debt, medical bills, personal loans, utility bills, or repossessed automobiles, chapter 7 bankruptcy may be able to completely eliminate or discharge those debts. Debts that were incurred due to improper behavior are considered nondischargeable debts. A court may refuse to discharge parts of your petition or your debt if you fail to follow its procedures and rules.  Also, the right to discharge a debt in bankruptcy is not an absolute right. Unless there are unusual or exceptional circumstances, the majority of these types of debts will be discharged in bankruptcy court. It typically takes about four months from filing to debt discharge.

Once you file for bankruptcy, you can stop paying debts you anticipate will be discharged in court. However, you likely still have some financial obligations during this time. You should continue making mortgage payments, if you hope to keep your house. You will also need to continue making utility payments, car payments and insurance payments and most tax payments. If you owe child support, you’ll need to continue those payments. Child and spousal support claims will not be discharged through bankruptcy court.

A court can discharge certain debts in court, but for personal reasons you may choose to continue making those payments. For example, if you have a loan from family or friends, you should continue making payments in order to maintain those relationships. Also, if you owe a doctor you hope to keep, you may choose to continue paying medical bills.

Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13

A chapter 7 bankruptcy involves a liquidation of assets to pay and discharge debts. In a chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debts are adjusted and you make regular payments for a period of years to catch up delinquent accounts. Chapter 7 is more commonly used by people who have little property other than things like furniture and clothing and have little money for things other than basic necessities. People who have expendable income but can’t meet monthly payments to cover all of their debt are candidates for chapter 13. Filling chapter 13 allows you to keep your home, while chapter 7 can almost completely eliminate unsecured, or credit card, debt. Debtors must meet certain income and debt qualifications in order to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. To file chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must have less than $360,475 in unsecured debt, and less than $1 million in secured debts.

After Bankruptcy

Building credit after bankruptcy is difficult, but not impossible. Following either a bankruptcy discharge or a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’ll have two things going for you that the typical credit seeker may not. First, your debt to income ratio should be dramatically improved. Second, because you’ve recently filed for bankruptcy, you cannot file for bankruptcy again for up to 8 years. This makes you less of a risk than other potential borrowers. Still, your credit score is going to take a hit in bankruptcy, and it will take a few years to rebuild your score. Experts estimate a person’s credit score will lose about 240 points in the immediate aftermath of a bankruptcy.

However, with less debt, you can hopefully save money quicker than you could before the bankruptcy. The first few years on the other side of a bankruptcy filing, you should work to save money. When it’s time to apply for credit again, be wary of predatory lenders and high interest rates.

Traditional Vs. Online Bookkeeping – Which one should you choose?

For small and medium scale business houses, the strategy for becoming successful has always been outsourcing services. Whether you talk about traditional bookkeeping or online bookkeeping services, both of them hold immense importance in their own way. However, with the technological advancement and the increasing competition, it has become much more feasible for companies to opt for online bookkeeping solutions rather than hiring employees and investing extra funds. Nevertheless, we are going to discuss in detail about traditional and online bookkeeping solutions and which is the right one to choose.

Investment of additional funds and resources
No matter what the size of your business is, investing additional resources and funds can be a very difficult task to perform. With traditional bookkeeping services, even though you are able to avail a lot of benefits such as proper management of financial books and quick decisions, there are certain shortcomings which cannot be avoided. One of the major blocks here is the fact that you need to hire a team of experts for managing your books, depending upon the size of your company. On the other hand, when you outsource online bookkeeping services company, you are able to save the expenses that might have come up when you hire new employees. Washington Bookkeeping Services assists you in saving up to 40% costs compared to in house bookkeeping.

Access to more bookkeeping tools
With traditional bookkeeping services, you are stuck with desk top software as the new softwares require investment and training for your employees to efficiently use them. However, when you opt for online bookkeeping services, such as Washington bookkeeping services you also get access to plenty of bookkeeping softwares which are otherwise not easily accessible.

Security benefits
In-House Bookkeeping can have a threat of data security due to some rouge employees. However, with online bookkeeping you are able to manage everything electronically and therefore the level of data security is much higher. You are also able to eliminate all the paper work and therefore the chances of any information leaking out also gets reduced significantly.

Centralized resources
If you want to centralize all your resources and make sure that there’s less complication involved the financial books then opting for online bookkeeping solutions is definitely the best alternative to consider. Even though traditional bookkeeping services allow you to get help from professionals whenever needed, it is important to centralize all your documents and paperwork so that quick financial decisions can be taken.
In the end, it can be easily said that traditional bookkeeping comes with its own share of benefits, but if you are a small or medium scale enterprise not looking to invest additional funds, then outsourcing bookkeeping to Washington Bookkeeping Services is definitely the best choice to opt for. Washington Bookkeeping Services, a professional bookkeeping services company which offers professional bookkeeping services at affordable prices.

MBA Project Report on Finance-Synopsis Tips

Introduction, Importance and Significance of the Study

Owning the “big bird” is an expensive affair.  Long waiting periods for acquiring new aircrafts further makes it an unattractive proposition for airline operators to buy aircrafts.  Therefore, it is a common practice in the airline business to take aircrafts on lease.  Leasing not only helps in increasing the fleet size at a fairly quick rate but also and more importantly, reduces the cost of airline operators.  There are different types of leases depending on the terms and conditions of the agreement.  In India, like across the world, aircraft leasing is quite prevalent.  There is an entire gamut of legislations, viz. Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the Reserve Bank of India, Income Tax Regulations, which lessors and lessees have to consider in an aircraft leasing transaction in India.

A number of new airlines entered this industry in recent years because of the open sky policy of Ministry of Civil Aviation of India.    To meet the ever increasing  demand for air travel,   the airlines go in for increasing  their fleet size.  The cost of purchasing  an aircraft can be prohibitive to an airline which wants to embark on or expand its fleet.

Airlines lease aircraft from other airlines or leasing companies for two main reasons; to operate aircraft without  the financial burden of buying them and to provide temporary increase in capacity.  Long term as well as short term aircraft leasing options are available.

It is important to strike an exact balance between number of leased aircraft and owned  aircraft keeping in mind the finances of the companies.  Airline industry  strives on very low profit margin and huge competition and hence it is imperative that there is proper understanding of the finances of the company  justifying  leasing of aircraft.


  • To understand leasing in general  emphasizing specifically on aircraft leasing.

Ø  To analyze different types of leasing:-

  • To examine the  cost benefit analysis of leasing of aircraft
  • To understand leasing w.r.t. AS 19
  • Impact of IFRS 17 w.r.t. lease
  • To study  the impact of service tax and income tax w.r.t. leasing
  • To analyze and understand lease agreement


Research Methodology:

The population for this study is the airlines industry in Mumbai .The study will be based on primary and secondary data.

Primary Data: The data will be collected from the officials working for airline industry with the help of a structured questionnaire and interviewing the concerned personnel.

Secondary Data: The secondary data will be collected from books, magazines, journals, reports, thesis, seminar and conference papers, bulletin/newspapers and websites.

Sample of the Study: Samples will be collected for the purpose of this project. The sample will be given proper representation to all the classes of the people who work in the aviation industry in Mumbai.

Statistical Tools: Appropriate statistical tools will be followed in this project as and when it is required. The data will be formulated with the help of software whichever is applicable for this study.

Limitation of the Study: The study is restricted to only Mumbai region. The period of the study will be  from 2001 onwards till date.


“Leasing of aircraft helps in increasing productivity and reduce the cost of airline operators”.

Expected contribution from study:

In aviation industry it is very   important to concentrate on capital financing as most of the capital is locked in capital goods like aircraft.  Leasing enables the cost to be spread across many years and allows the airline to fly at a relatively economical price. The study is an attempt to know how the lease finance helps airlines in capital finance.

Know the Latest Trends of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an unstable and unpredictable industry, as by the time you try to upgrade the marketing trend, there will be something new had had arrived. The industry thus makes marketing highly challenging; however, balancing between the trends and goals is imperative.

The digital marketing trends, offer various opportunities for the businesses to promote their product and services.

Latest Trends of Digital Marketing:

Here follows a few trends that are currently followed by the online marketers to promote their products:

Google: Google serves to be a best alternative, which businesses can rely on. But this is not the only choice. The marketers must take enough initiatives to optimize their website to become search engine friendly, which is very important to reach the top position in the search result.

SMS: Besides using internet and search engines, there must also be an other direct interactive source to reach your customers. In this aspect, the mobile phones play a vital role. There are many software available to send direct bulk SMS to a huge targeted population as a measure of promotional activities. Therefore, this trend serves to be an effective trend of digital marketing.

Social media Networks: There is nothing to deny that social media network is becoming the most effective tool of digital marketing. This network helps reaching a huge population across the world and improves the conversion rates. This also helps gaining many new conversions.

Paid Advertisements: An other best choice of digital marketing in the current trend is paid advertisements. Pay Per Click is a popular marketing trend and serves to be the best alternative of advertising and promoting products and services. This trend has also proven to be effective and experience the growth.

Marketing automation: This is becoming an other essential marketing trend, which is followed by many companies across the world. This helps achieve good recognition for the brand names. Moreover, this is also an effective marketing trend for those with budget limitations.

Unique content: Conveying the message to your visitors and customers is very important when it comes to digital marketing. Unlike the regular stores, in digital market, any message or offers are conveyed to the customers only via website. Therefore, ensure your ecommerce website has readable and quality content with enough information to convey the visitors, while as a tool to convert them as your potential customers.

Email marketing: Sending promotional and business emails to your customers regularly is an other effective way of digital marketing. This helps keeping your customers updated about new arrivals, current offers and discount coupons to use.

As a concluding point, the digital marketer must focus on optimizing mobile experience of the customers or targeted audience to assure increased traffic to your business websites. Giving great video content can also prove to be effective and interactive in digital marketing.  Email serves to be the solid form of marketing; moreover, it will also help to personalize the content, while increasing the conversion rates.

Regardless of numbers of options available, the digital marketer must be up-to-date with current changes in the trend to constantly improve business growth.

Cashing Out On Silver – Online Remains the Most Prominent Choice

We all are quite aware of how to earn instant money by selling gold online. Same is the way of earning instant money by selling silver jewellery or coins. Though not as tempting as gold, selling silver also returns a handsome financial profit when sold wisely. The only reason behind it is the fact that the prices of silver are also considerably high as the metal is considered to be a precious metal, just like gold. Many market experts believe that selling silver jewellery, tableware or coins can fetch quite impressive financial results.

Moreover, the process of selling silver online is same as of selling gold online. The most known way is to get in touch with one of the renowned cash for gold websites, and send your silver chunks, bullions or coins to them for evaluation. It has been noticed that companies that buy silver, publicize themselves on various channels taking into consideration the benefits of such a broad exposure. While dealing with a company that advertises online, make sure at your end that you at least have a kit or a written agreement outlining the responsibilities.

Do remember that most of the companies operating online bear shipping charges for the items that you are selling. Though in all the cases, where the silver price offered by the company is unacceptable to the seller, the company tends to return the items free of charge. Online dealers often assist the clients while selling the silver coins, bullion, flatware, and serving sets. However, before making any final deal and handing over your precious silver item to the dealers, it is important to check out the dealer’s background and business history.

Sellers must not also forget to enquire if the dealer charges any hidden cost for sealing a deal with them. No doubt, most of the global sellers believe that online business norms are the best ways to get cash for silver as they are a trustworthy that helps cashing on silver metal. Just make sure to remember to plan the selling of the silver chunk considering the shipping charges, insurance, and auction fees being charged by the buyer.

Here are few important things that a silver seller must consider:

  • Silver is mostly weighed in ounces
  • An access to a scale to record the weight of the silver is essential
  • Confirm if the item you are selling really contains some amount of silver
  • Check jewellery for the hallmark sign which is a sign of purity

Silver and Gold for Cash is prominent Canada based silver buyers who offer unmatched services and deals to the clients in return of their unwanted gold jewellery. The offered prices are guaranteed best in the market.

Simplifying Business Success Plan With Outsourced Marketing Company

Your online business requires specific solutions to compete with ever changing demand cycles and client preferences. Each of your competitors are trying  their best to offer high quality solutions and facilities to clients in a unique manner. Therefore, the only way to stand a chance in this evolving business sector is by implementing new and appealing marketing strategies that can simplify your processes and allow you to get close to your clients with ease. Experts of  outsourced marketing company can help you in this regard by assembling a functional and unique marketing strategy for your benefit. Although, business owners and operation managers in the online world are showing affinity regarding selection of such services, you need facts and information based on research before making such decisions. So, we are trying to offer you a few fragments of data regarding how a marketing solution provider can be of help to you.

Practical and Personalized Solutions

Business strategies that can turn the tide for your company, have to be well planned and designed with updated knowledge. As such information or knowledge requires extensive dedication in this work sector, business owners tend to ask for assistance form marketing professionals for desired results. With the help of professionals in the marketing world, the strategies get the chance to blend with research based data; thus becoming extremely efficient and unique to the respective business company. The personalization process comes from thorough understanding of your existing business set-up and its functional properties. Experts supervise such processes and come up with solutions that separate your company form all others.

Operation Supervision

Each business has a multitude of operations and processes that determine the success of their ventures. As the growth and reputation of their business structure is depended on their performance in such ventures, operation managers tend to focus on each and every segment of these operations. With professional help of the marketing executives who have high experience and knowledge in different specific fields of business, it is easy to foresee the success and hope for desired results.

Feasible Facilities

Aside from offering a multitude of benefits and facilities, to your company, marketing executives offer their solutions in a feasible structure. Therefore, you do not have to waste a huge amount of money from your reserve to implement a new business process. So, we can say that reducing the financial pressure form our shoulders is a great option brought by marketing solution providers.

These are few of the many information fragments that can help you out to make sure that trusting and awarding the job of managing your marketing campaigns to a trustworthy company is a wise option.

Commerce and Finance Education: In Modern Era

Commerce Education is that area of education which develops the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for the successful handling of trade, commerce and industry. Commerce consists of a wide range of inter-disciplinary branches including accountancy, business administration, e-commerce, finance, economics and marketing.

Commerce Education has a sea of options and opportunities for those who want to put their step forward in Business and follow its strategies.  The career in commerce and finance is full of hard challenges and practical facts. It prepares students to succeed in both self and corporate employment and it also motivate to start their own business and run it professionally without the need to pay for expert services such as accountants and market consultants. The subjects offered in undergraduate degree courses in commerce are structured to impart in graduates competency in business principles and general management areas, and include statistics, mathematics, accountancy, book keeping, law, economics, international trade, finance and marketing.

A combination of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in commerce and finance is offered by universities/colleges worldwide that serve as landmarks in education, and include Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) : a program of study for duration of three years imparts foundation knowledge of commerce and Bachelor of Commerce (Honors): an academic degree program that offers general expertise as well as specialization options at the graduation level.

Graduates with a degree in commerce, finance and related disciplines can pursue higher education at the postgraduate level such as a Master of Commerce (M. Com.), Master of Financial Management (MFM), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Financial Accounting (MFA). M. Com. and MFM degree courses are among the more popularly subscribed academic programs in commerce and finance education.

Alliance College of Commerce, Alliance University

The Alliance College of Commerce is one of the best commerce and finance colleges in Bangalore offers Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), Master of Financial Management (MFM), and Master of Commerce (M.Com.) courses that seek to build and nurture graduates equipped with strong academic skills and expertise in commerce, finance, taxation, accountancy and other related disciplines of business studies. The courses are delivered by distinguished full-time faculty as well as renowned industry practitioners. The Alliance College of Commerce prepares graduates in the area of commerce and finance for highly-challenging careers in investment banking, wealth management, taxation, consulting and also career in academics and research.  The college of commerce is poised to take forward the commerce and finance education to its new frontiers.  The college also offers value added courses such as softskill training, Tally, IFRS training, capital market operations.

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.): B.Com.(Hons.)

The B.Com.(Hons) degree is skill oriented with specialization streams in the core areas of commerce and Finance.  B. Com.(Hons.) degree provides a learning ambience that challenges the student’s mind through competitive learning, emphasizing on inculcating business intelligence and transforming them into socially responsible managers and business leaders. Alliance College of Commerce is one of the best education providers in the area of commerce and finance and it prepares the students as an administrator and proves to be more directly employable. To ensure personality development and employability opportunities for B.Com (Hons.) graduates, Alliance College of Commerce offers value added courses such as softskill training, Tally, capital market operation at B.Com.(Hons.) level itself.  The college is one of the best B.Com.(Hons) degree colleges in Bangalore and it provides a good foundation in accounting, finance, taxation, marketing and auditing.

Master of Financial Management (MFM):

There are few colleges in Bangalore offers Master of Financial Management course.  Alliance College of Commerce offers Master of Financial Management course is a two-year, four-semester, multidisciplinary course that covers all areas of study related to the financial industry.   The course designed to provide the students with the means to gain exposure to five major areas of finance:  corporate finance, financial markets, investments, banking, and insurance.  A graduate can choose to pursue challenging careers in financial institutions, investment banking, wealth management, pension funds, securities brokerage, and investment firms. Master of Financial Management is one of the best post graduate courses in Finance area which fully focuses on development of financial management skills. Alliance College of Commerce, Alliance University is best college which offers Finance course in Bangalore. The course is uniquely endowed with the necessary resources and expertise to produce financial professionals of highest order.

Master of Commerce (M. Com.):

The Master of Commerce degree course gives in-depth subject knowledge in the area of Commerce and Finance. The Alliance College of Commerce offers Master of Commerce degree course that provides an opportunity for graduates to acquire theoretical as well as practical inputs relating to the various segments of commerce, finance, taxation, accountancy. Graduates from accounting studies can pursue career paths in banking, financial management, and accounting and financial systems. Graduates can also pursue careers as public accountants in commercial, government and private sectors, or alternatively in academics as faculty and researchers in finance and commerce fields.

Top 10 Marketing Concepts for Small Business

Over the past decade more and more people are getting fired, getting downsized, or getting fed up with their corporate jobs and embark on the journey as a small business owner. Unfortunately, most of the new small business owners fail to consider their marketing plans or strategy. There are many marketing concepts for small business marketing to consider and plan for, but here is our list of Top 10 Marketing Concepts For Small Business Marketing.

Marketing Concept # 1: Consistency

Consistency is the number one marketing concept for small business marketing only because it is left out of marketing concepts for so many businesses. I have worked with a long list of clients, big and small, that are extremely inconsistent in all areas of their marketing. Consistency helps lower the cost of marketing and increase the effectiveness of branding.

Marketing Concept # 2: Planning

Once small business owners decide to be consistent with their marketing, planning is the next major concept to engage. Planning is the most vital part of small business marketing or any level of marketing, for that matter, and so many owners, marketing managers, and even CMOs plan poorly. Put the time into planning your marketing strategy, budget, and other concepts presented here to ensure success.

Marketing Concept # 3: Strategy

Strategy immediately follows planning because your strategy is the foundation for the rest of your marketing activities. In the process of planning, you must develop your strategy: who you will target, how you will target them, and how will you keep them as a customer.

Marketing Concept # 4: Target Market

Target market is also another key concept for small business marketing. Defining exactly who you are targeting allows small business owners to focus on specific customers and reduce marketing waste. A well-defined target market will make every other marketing concept so much easier to implement successfully.

Marketing Concept # 5: Budget

Although it is listed at number 5, budgeting is important throughout the entire process. Creating a marketing budget is usually the hardest and most inaccurate part of small business marketing. Most small businesses owners lack a great deal of experience in marketing, so their budgets usually end up skewed. The most important part of this marketing concept is to actually establish a marketing budget. From there, you can worry about how to distribute your available funds.

Marketing Concept # 6: Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is usually defined as product, pricing, place, and promotion. As a small business owner, you must specifically decide on your products (or services), the appropriate pricing, where and how you will distribute your products, and how will you let everyone know about you and your products.

Marketing Concept # 7: Website

In today’s market, a business of any size must have a website. I hate when I see businesses that have a one page website with out-dated information. Customers, be it businesses or consumers, will search the web over 60% of the time before making any purchasing decisions. This marketing concept contains a slew of additional components, but you must at least develop a small web presence of some kind and keep it updated.

Marketing Concept # 8: Branding

Many small businesses owners also neglect this concept. Small business marketing must focus on this marketing concept just as much as large corporations do. Branding consists of the pictures, logo, design scheme, layout, make up, and image of your products and even your company. Branding is how your customers perceive (please place a lot of emphasis on that word!) your products and company. Make sure to pay special attention to what kind of brand you are building through each step of your planning and implementation.

Marketing Concept # 9: Promotion and Advertising

Promotion and advertising is a very complex marketing concept, but must be considered for any type of business and its products and services. Once you engage the previous 8 marketing concepts, you must finally let your target market know about you and your products. Proper promotion and advertising will result in effective brand recognition, and, ultimately, increased sales.

Marketing Concept # 10: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The concept of customer relationship management has become a huge industry in the marketing world. There are many types of software and services offered to help businesses of any size handle their customer relationship management. Since there is so much available, usually for a large sum of money, small business owners usually look at this concept as something they are not big enough for or have enough money to implement. Don’t be fooled by the massive industry that has evolved from this concept. Maintaining proper customer relationship management is essential to creating loyal and consistent customers.

This list of marketing concepts should be examined, researched, planned, and implemented, especially by small businesses, in order to be successful. Also, your marketing doesn’t stop here. Each business is unique and will have additional components that must be considered, but this list will jump-start any marketing plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy

Are you overwhelmed with consumer debt and unable to meet your minimum payments? If so, bankruptcy might be the right option for you. Bankruptcy is designed to eliminate or restructure your debt and create a fresh financial start for your future. When considering bankruptcy, it is important to consult a qualified and experienced bankruptcy lawyer to evaluate your financial situation, discuss your options, and help determine the best course of action for your specific needs. Read on to get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bankruptcy.

What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is the legal process in which an individual or business declares that they are unable to pay their outstanding debts. This process enables the debtor to either eliminate or repay their debts, depending on which chapter they file, under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court. Although bankruptcy is a complicated process with many rules and limitations, it can help individuals and business find relief from overwhelming debt.

What Are the Different Types of Bankruptcy?

The federal bankruptcy code is divided into different chapters depending upon the specific financial needs of the debtor. The following are the 3 most common types of bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7: This type of bankruptcy is often referred to as the liquidation chapter because it requires the debtor to sell their assets and property to repay creditors. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most popular type of bankruptcy in the US because it allows the debtor to discharge most unsecured debt. Debtors will still be held responsible for non-qualifying debt including mortgage liens, student loans, child support, and alimony payments.
  • Chapter 11: This type of bankruptcy is commonly called the reorganization chapter because it allows businesses to stay in operation while they reorganize and repay their debts.
  • Chapter 13: This type of bankruptcy known as the repayment chapter because it provides the debtor with a court-approved plan to repay creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors that are willing to repay their creditors the opportunity to keep most of their assets and eliminate certain unsecured debt upon completion of the repayment plan.

What Are the Advantages of Bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy can provide many benefits to individuals and businesses overwhelmed with debt. Some of the most common benefits of bankruptcy include elimination of qualifying unsecured debt, ability to restructure unsecured and secured debt, cessation of wage garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, and harassing collection attempts, and the restoration of disconnected utility services. Bankruptcy also provides the debtor with valuable financial instruction, peace of mind, and a clean financial slate.

What Are the Disadvantages of Bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy is a serious financial decision with lasting consequences. Some of the most common disadvantages of bankruptcy include the inability to obtain credit, a damaged credit score, loss of current credit cards, strict filing limits, and non-dischargeable debt. Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides the debtor with a discharge of certain unsecured debts, it also requires the debtor to sell their home in order to repay the mortgage company. While Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows the debtor to keep most of their possessions, it also requires the debtor to follow a strict repayment plan that can take up to 5 years to complete.

What Should I Look for in a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Begin your search for the right bankruptcy lawyer by locating qualified advocates that specialize in handling the specific chapter you are considering. It is also important to look for lawyers that are board certified to practice bankruptcy law by the American Board of Legal Certification. Taking the time to carefully research and interview several qualified candidates will help ensure that you find the right lawyer for you individual needs.

The Smart Marketing Company Will Understand Your Business To The Core

An expert marketing company will provide you tailor-made service in business to business and business to consumer conditions. The company will comprises of account manager, graphic designer, telemarketers, SEO specialist and photographer. They will initially discuss with you what is your plan, on phone or face to face conversation and after that they will assist you on marketing. 

The service that is provided by a marketing company is divided into two sections and they are 1. Full Service, means you can get the service throughout the year and temporary service where the service is not permanent. 

  • Service Throughout The Year

The marketing company under this kind of assistance will serve you all through the year. You can rely on them that you will get the entire marketing service from them all through out the year.

  • Service On Temporary Basis

It is not mandatory for companies to take the service all through the year. You can take the service on temporary basis that means the marketing firm will provide you the service for months of your requirement.

  • The Misinterpretation

People always do a mistake, they cannot understand the difference between marketing and sales. Actually, these two subjects are entirely different and the companies generally make the mistake of giving sales team the responsibility of  marketing. Actually, these type of companies lags behind in competition.

  • Service Through Cooperation

The marketing experts can work after cooperating with a firm. It means the experts of the marketing firm will first chalk a plan with the people who are related in marketing then they both will work for the sake of the company.

  • The Sectors

Every sector of the business field needs the assistance from a outsourced marketing company. E-commerce, manufacturing companies, professional service, IT firms, engineering and FMCG sector, all the firms can take the support from the marketing experts.

1. E-commerce- The growth of an E-commerce company is entirely dependent on marketing experts. In the beginning, the firm who does it’s business through online is entirely dependent on a marketing firm, for promoting it’s business.

2.  Manufacturing Companies- With just manufacturing a product, a company’s responsibility does not end. Advertising a product is equally important as manufacturing, so a manufacturing firm must need a marketing company for it’s own benefit.

3. Professional Service- Even professional people like corporate tax accountants and solicitors need the service from the marketing experts to expand their professional service.

4. Information Technology- You can easily call the present age as’the age of IT’. Presently, everything is dependent on IT. An excellent IT company with some assistance from the marketing firm, can create magic in it’s sector. A newbie IT company can create magic after getting some assistance from the marketing firm.

A smart outsourced marketing company will first understand the work ethic of your company then they will chalk out the plan after discussing with you.